Thinking With Your Heart And Not Just Your Mind

My ultimate goal is to serve others and bring joy to them. Well only to the ones deserving that is! Doing this at times you will have to shut your heart out and think with your mind because you can be taken advantage of by other humans.

In reality when is service of others the mind is only to be used to verify what is in the heart.

okay let me explain more….. When you love people and do good by people, problems will always arise. That is when we turn the heart off and the mind on so that people cannot lead us down the wrong way. That is why the mind is important to us, because we feel that we can protect ourselves from eachother using the heart less than we use the mind because the heart is only capable of good.

Today I have realized that even though problems arise….. the mind should be turned off and the Heart turned on during conflict for one reason. Yes the mind should be used to get you out of situations and to fix things but it’s in the mind that negativity and demons try to attach to us. They will make us think things and we would never know that it’s a thought from another because we are thinking it in the mind and not the heart.

No matter how smart and how good someone is the mind is always under attack by anything negative and bad and this is why problems arise between people and things. You would think that something is the problem because that is the problem but in reality something negative is creating an illusion of a fake problem in the mind.

For example: you can be very sure that you put something somewhere and you can see yourself doing it but for some reason that thing is no longer there. You then see and live through everything regular and real to you as you remembered it but in the mind. You then blame someone and in reality that person never had any intentions of hurting you. There is now a problem… You remember everything and it’s no way you have it wrong. And in reality the person you blamed does not want to hurt you. There is now a conflict of interest…. But how? You see yourself doing what you thought in your mind.

Negative things can make you see and feel things that are real but when using the heart it is fake.

It will be fake because negative traits and things will not do anything out of love. The heart is love but anger and hate is born in the mind. We think it is the heart but it has to be impossible. It has to be fake….. how can something that is meant to love feel hate?… it is because it is incapable of doing something it was not made for. The mind is used to back up the heart and to make us aware of danger so that we can protect ourselves from anything that is not of us.

The mind is our weakest point because we do not strengthen it with love to see past our faults. The mind can be strong as the heart if we feed it with love. We will then start to see the thoughts and things that are not of us.

Because we have a heart, we all have love in it. Hate is only in the mind disguise as the heart so that we focus on the mind when we should be focusing on the heart. Whatever it is, something is making us like this.

We see and think people are out to hurt us, when in reality most of the problems are fake and turned into a real problem by us because of our weakness of what feels and seems real. Things want us to be like this. We can pin point this thing by seeing that it is not a human. Whatever it is exist without a heart. It is incapable of love. It do not have a heart, it was not made of love or for love. It needs us to be weak to keep on existing. We can heal and fix every heart and know what exactly is the real problem and not the fake problem.

When things go bad, even if you think others are out to get you…. Shut up and do not tell them of the problem. Fix and figure it out on your own using your heart and not the mind. If love exist the answers and truth will come in the rite time. Do not rush the time, the time is a lesson for you to learn. If it is not of love, it will reveal itself because it is incapable of surviving where love lives. And if love lives it is capable of fixing it’s wrongs. Do not judge but give people time and room to grow on their own. Only then will they see what they are truly capable of both good and bad. Do not try to make others act like you, show them love and be hard if Yu need to. Let them suffer if needed but all from love and with love.

The heart will show you the real answer and the mind will clarify it. Be better to help eachother. Save and mend eachother and realized that we are all facing something. when we do wrong, it is only because of this false problem. The real problem is that there is no problem among Us but something that is making us think that we are incapable of loving eachother when in reality that is what we are made of and for.

We are so strong we can adapt and grow apart without love or giving love to eachother… Surviving everything that we have gone through, being away from what we are….Love.

Spread love and awareness to all so that we do not have to keep suffering for the happiness of something that is incapable of giving happiness to us. We will get though all things together don’t matter how long we take, it is possible. It is possible to fix and change this entire world and it is going to happen eventually….. How long is up to us. How hard will we fight? How long will it take us to be stronger that all things in existence trying to take us over? We are the strongest because we are made from the strongest. Our love for eachother will save us.


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11 thoughts on “Thinking With Your Heart And Not Just Your Mind

  1. I’ve heard of the term “monkey mind” for the tendency to overthink. So our heart can be capable of overcoming such thought confusion. Or is there such a thing as the “monkey heart” where our feelings overlap on some occasions?

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    1. Yes you are absolutely rite. The heart can also overthink and we do have feelings which over laps at times.

      I guess the point is to find the middle ground between both where the decisions that is made makes both happy. If one is not happy and the other is {mind & heart} then most likely this is when we go back and undo the decisions we have made or will make.

      Thinking equally with both mind and heart would satisfy the urge to not want to undo a decision or overthinking. When both is happy {mind & heart} the decision that is rite for us will be easier to make and also help to control feelings overlapping and confusion.


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