Basic Crystals And Stones Along With Its Spiritual Properties And Meaning. A List Of Dangerous Crystals And Stones So You Do Not Buy Or Touch Them. Learning How To Raise Your Vibrations Using Crystals.

A Few Common Crystals Along With Their Properties

Red Amethyst: Combines the properties of amethyst, hematite and smoky quartz so in a nutshell it imbues a sense of calm with grounding and protecting drawing ones awareness right down to ones feet.

This unusual combination affects the entire chakra system clearing, balancing and creating a sense of flow. It helps the Third Eye to awaken and blossoms giving rise to new ideas and new ways of thinking, as well as supporting the development of psychic gifts. The hematite encrustation interrupts the growth pattern of the tip of the crystal, creating a cathedral formation.

Red amethyst brings a depth of knowledge beyond our normal bounds of awareness furthering a deep self-reflection. It holds within it a quality of “consciousness” melding of the human soul with the divine spirit.

Peacock Ore: An uplifting stone that grounds nervous energies which allows the body and mind to let go of stress. It can be used to enhance ones perception and help to awaken ones inner sight. Peacock Ore is a stone of happiness and joy, it is said to turn you towards positive directions and to help channel happiness to others. It helps one to see and appreciate the joy in every moment as well as a feelings of acceptance.

Peacock Ore is said to be one of the most powerful stones when used in conjunction with chakra healing as it’s energy is so powerful that when placed on one chakra it effects all of the other chakra.

Black Onyx: Black Onyx helps to give you strength while promoting steadfastness and stamina. It impacts your self-confidence, helping you to be at ease in your surroundings. This stone is said to change negative attitudes and behaviors of the weary. It banishes grief and enhance your self-control while stimulating your power of decision-making.  It also encourages happiness and good fortune to those that are in its possession.

Aqua Aura quartz: This stone is best used for romance and love. It is a crystal of joy, and signifies hope and optimism. It is a great healing stone that aids in meditation, spiritual healing and aura spell work. It helps to promotes peace and tranquility and is an excellent stone for cleansing and brightening the aura to stimulate healing.

Aura quartz helps to assist you in contacting your angel guides so that you are able to remember lessons from past incarnations and it assists in discovering your spiritual purpose stimulates channeling and self-expression. It helps deepens your spiritual attunement and communication.

It is a protective stone that safeguards against psychic and psychological attack​. Aqua aura quartz sends profound peace to you during meditation practice. It enhances the healing powers of other crystals when it is used with them.
This is a high vibration and healing energy stone.

Lithium Phantom Qtz: Popular for its metaphysical properties, Lithium Quartz brings emotional peace and helps release stress while helping you to relaxation. It is a powerful but yet gentle healer that balances the brain and the emotions.

 Helping to calming and soothing the mental and emotional blockage and to gently repress anger and grief, bringing it to the surface so it can be healed.  You can use Lithium Quartz to open and heal the Heart Chakra, or with the Third Eye Chakra during powerful meditations.  Lithium Quartz also helps to activate and cleanse all of the Chakras. Lithium Quartz is also used to assist in addiction withdrawal as well as issues of insomnia, anxiety and panic disorders.

Pyrite: A must have crystal because it’s the ultimate symbol of wealth and good luck. If you’re lacking motivation or physical strength you can use Pyrite.

Pyrite helps to reconnect to Mother Nature. It harnesses the earth element and the powerful energies that ground you and help to guide your spirit to a place of higher wisdom. When you are ready to take action and achieve your dreams and aspirations you can use this stone during your meditation practices to incorporate its divine guidance.

Dalmatian Jasper: Helps to infuse your life with joy and fun. It helps you to reconnect with your playful nature and make you enjoy the things that you used to enjoy. It helps to remind you of your childhood and the best memories you had when you were little. Dalmatian Jasper also helps to cleanse, purify, and energize your auric field. Its energies removes negative thoughts and emotions from your mind that are preventing you from moving forward in your life. Dalmatian Jasper as you can guess is named after the Dalmatian breed of Dogs because of its resemblance.

Opalite: Is a iridescent man-made glass which is made up of Dolomite and Metal to create an opalescent appearance. Natural Opalite is a stone that comes from opalized volcanic ash.

This rarely happens but when it do, it is usually found in areas in Brazil and Africa. Opalite is a good stone to have if you wish to harness and increase your personal power. It helps to boost your self-esteem and improve your sense of self-worth. Opalite also help you to unleash your inner strength so that you will uncover and express your deeper feelings.

Labradorite: Helps to activate the inner eye allowing one to more clearly analyze the past and future. It helps to increase the levels of consciousness and vibration, helping one to consciously move between the physical world and the spiritual world.

Blue Quartz: Improves communication and clarity, it is an ideal crystal to use when diplomacy or bargaining is required. Blue quartz emits energies that soothes and calms you increasing feelings of tranquility. This stone properties can be used in any situation that requires agreement.

Apophyllite: This powerful vibrational transmitter is a stone of truth that corrects imbalances and brings recognition of one’s true self. It releases mental blocks and negative thought patterns, making it a very effective personal power crystal to have.

Smokey Quartz: The most powerful stones for clearing and purifying the environment from electromagnetic stress. A powerful cleanser and detoxifier, Smoky Quartz is a must-have for combining with Feng Shuai, the ancient Chinese philosophy of creating harmony and balance in the home.

Place pieces of Smoky Quartz in areas with electronics such as the entertainment room or workspace and give it the important job of absorbing and transmuting electromagnetic radiation, its trademark is know for its know for its healing benefit.

Emerald: Promotes friendship and unconditional love. It enhances relationships on all levels by keeping relationships balance and in harmony. Emerald helps transmutes negative energy into positive energy. Emerald opens your heart chakra and helps to calm your emotions.

This is a wisdom stone which helps you to discern truth and to express yourself eloquently. It also helps to bring to the surface what is innately known. This is a good stone for group work, as it stimulates cooperation. Emerald is the birthstone for May. 

Red Fuchsite: Helps us to understand issues concerning our daily lives such as stress, physical health, routines, career and environment.  It brings about a need to focus on basic concerns directly related to interactions with other people and the material world. 

Fuchsite channels information regarding holistic and herbal remedies giving suggestions as to the most holistic action to take and receiving guidance on health matters and well-being. Fuchsite helps to overcome codependency and aids in a speedy recovery from trauma, both emotionally and physically.

Fuchsite increases the energy of other crystals and helps in the transfer of their energy.  It shifts energy into positive channels, therefore releasing blockages caused by excess energy. 

Petrified Wood: Helps us to ground both the physical and spiritual sides of ourselves. It is a stone of transformation that teaches us that anything is possible and achievable. Petrified wood is one of the ultimate stones for alchemy. It teaches us patience and that there is nothing wrong with enjoying the journey and benefits that come with patiently seeing plans through to their fruition.

Meditating with Petrified Wood reconnects us with Mother Earth and the natural realm. On the physical level, Petrified Wood is very good for skeletal and teeth related issues, particularly when taken in elixir form. This stone helps with DNA and cellular damage caused by petrochemical, chemical and radioactive pollution.

Himalayan: An excellent crystal for love. It helps to take action and do things that self-love implies, for example: finding sense of purpose, to live a healthier lifestyle, learning to say ‘no’, or to take time for personal recreation and enjoyment.

For centuries pure salt has been used for protection from evil, especially protection in and around the home. Salt is also used for purification, cleansing and dispelling negativity in many magical and traditional rituals.

Pure Salts can help to release attachments, including emotional attachments. It is recommended that those who work in environments of negativity or indirect communication to keep a piece of Pink Halite (Himalayan Salt) nearby. Himalayan crystal Mineral Salt has gentle, but strong grounding and centering energies, and is said to bring abundance and prosperity into the home.

Selenite: A crystals used for healing. This Crystal is on of the few Crystals that does not need to be charged and can be used to cleanse and recharge other crystals.

Moonstone: Linked to femininity and the moon. moonstone is a perfect stone to gracefully create harmony within and strengthen intuition. It was the stone of Gods and Goddesses in ancient India, and is as sacred.

Citrine: The golden, yellow crystal is associated with its connection to money, gold, and wealth.

Crystal Quartz: A commonly known crystals when it comes to its healing powers. Its perfect for white magic, good for soaking up negative energies and sicknesses from the body. Crystal quartz is seen as the window too light into the metaphysical world.

Aventurine: Known for amplifying luck, prosperity and abundance, aventurine is a good stone to take with you if you’re planning.

Turquoise: Believed to be one of the oldest stones known to man. Turquoise is prevalent in almost all ancient cultures and has always been known as the stone of protection.


Tourmaline: The talisman of protection is used as a psychic shield too ground your energy and combat the entry of negative entities in your energy field. Used by wizards, shamans, witches and magicians, tourmaline can be found on every continent.

Rose Quart: This beautiful pink quartz is associated with the heart and expressing unconditional love to yourself, others, and the planet.

Fluorite: Known for soaking up negative energies and low vibrations from a space or body. It makes room for the light to shine in by taking out what is bad in us. Found in multiple color variations, fluorite is a truly colorful magical crystal.


Lapis Lazuli: A vibrant ancient stone. It has long been associated with royalty and luxury. Its celestial properties assist those in the physical realm with wisdom and good judgement.

Opal: Appears to be coated in a rainbow shield of vibrant colors, when moved in the light. It is associated with the Third Eye Chakra. It is a good stone to use in meditation.

Garnet: This highly grounding stone is most known for its qualities of promoting health, the flow of creativity and bringing spirit down into our world.

Amethyst: This beautiful purple crystal is known for many things but manifestation and connecting to your spiritual side are the most common. Many people like using this stone in meditation to help open up their intuition side.


Hematite: This iron-rich stone is deeply grounding and connected too the earth. It has been referred to as the “bloodstone” in ancient Greece because of the red hue of the iron content when found in nature.

How To Use Crystals To Raise You Vibrations

The goal is to transform our energies so that we are vibrating at a higher frequency level. We can raise our vibrations through the practices of meditation, crystal healing, yoga etc.

Holding on to high vibrations can be difficult when we return to work, interact with low energy people or become exposed to the violence of the world.

This is only because one is more than likely being exposed to negative energies more than positive energies. You can use crystal indoors, outdoors or anywhere you feel comfortable and peaceful. You can get higher vibrations by using your crystals or stones in spells.

Relax your mind and body as you focus on positive things. Invasion yourself getting the properties and goodness from the specific Crystal you decide to use. Make sure you know your crystals properties so you can know exactly what your Crystals can do for you.

Some Of The Most Deadly Crystals On Earth

Stibnite: This steel gray colored mineral is found associated with gneiss, limestone and granite rocks. Large deposits of stibnite have been mined in the Shikoku Island of Japan, the Western United States, and the Hunan province of China. Minor deposits of this mineral also occur in some European countries, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Algeria, and Kalimantan. In the ancient world, the silver color of stibnite also popularized its use in kitchen utensils.

However, many people died as a result of food poisoning triggered by leaching of chemicals from this mineral, thus discontinuing its use in culinary utensils.

Antimony in stibnite acts as a poison, producing symptoms similar to arsenic poisoning. Stibnite paste has been used for thousands of years for cosmetics to darken eyebrows and lashes. The mineral was also used to make eating utensils, causing poisoning from antimony ingestion.

Orpiment: A arsenic sulfide mineral with a stunning orange-yellow color. The mineral is found naturally in hydrothermal vents, hot springs, and fumaroles. Strangely, this mineral was once used in china for medical purposes. The arsenic, especially if it is allowed to oxidize, will lead to arsenic poisoning if handled incorrectly.

Chalcanthite: Commonly found in arid regions. When the crystals break down in water, they kill all animal and plant life by shutting down all vital functions.

Torbernite: Found in granite. It’s admired by collectors for its green crystals. However, since it’s radioactive, the mineral can release deadly radon gas if heated.

Cinnabar: The scarlet colored mineral is found near volcanoes and makes it a deadly mineral and those who come into contact with it may experience tremors, loss of sense, and death.

Galena: Ancient Egyptians used this rock as a way to reduce the sun’s glare. Although it’s safe to handle, the rock is brittle and there is a high risk of lead poisoning if you’re exposed for prolonged periods to the crystal’s dust.

Arsenopyrite: A arsenic iron sulfide, which is the same type of mineral as pyrite. If one attempts to heat or in any way alter the mineral, a strong garlic odor of arsenic will be produced as lethally toxic, corrosive and carcinogenic vapors are released.

Just handling the mineral brings one into contact with unstable sulfuric arsenic salts. Interestingly, arsenopyrite may be identified by striking a specimen with a hammer. The powerful garlic odor of arsenic can be briefly detected as the sparks fly.

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