What Is Suicide?

Suicide is the act of a person intentionally causing one’s own death. Whether because of mental disorders including depression, bipolarness, personality disorders, lost of self worth etc. One then looks for different ways to kill themselves. Like over dosing on pills, jumping off bridge, hangings etc. This is typically caused when one has had too much to deal with in life. From stress, negativity, lost of love ones or friends, the ways are many both in taking ones life or finding ways to accomplish it.

Approximately one person in 5,000–15,000 dies by suicide each year. 1.4% of all deaths are the cause of sucide. With a reported global rate of 10.7 per 100,000 population in 2015.

If you answer yes to any of the below questions and would like too personally reach out to me for venting purposes please follow the next steps:

Send me a brief message on what is affecting you at the current time, along with the goals you are expecting or hoping to get out of the convocation. Figure out what is it that you need the most at the moment; someone to vent to so they can listen, need advice on something, need words of love or just a convocation to get in a happy mood.

After you have figured out the prior step please include it in your message. Press send, sit back relax or find something to put you in a happy moment to calm your mind until my reply.

Struggling With Sucide?

It is hard for anyone to stay in a place they are unhappy with including this world. Sometimes it can be that you are not happy with one or more aspects in your life. Sometimes you wish you can wake up to a new life and start all over, you are not alone.

Have You Been Feeling Like You Are Not Yourself Lately?

We sometimes get clouded by the negativity and pain that life brings. Without having a proper outlet to let these bad energies go it can start taking a toll on your mind and body.

Do You See Darkness When You Close Your Eyes? As If You Are Sinking Into A Black Hole.

We sometimes get so busy with life that we forget to learn how to love ourselfves. We get busy and stop doing the things we enjoy doing, stop eating the food we love or stop going to the places we like. By not putting good energy into our life and body, eventually its all going to turn into bad energies. This is why we sometimes feel lost in life because we have truly lost ourselves.

Do You Feel Like You Do Not Belong?

In a world filled of so many personalities sometimes its hard to get along with everyone, or everyone with you. Spending quality time with yourself and learning your value you would see there is alot to smile about. No-one knows you better than you so fitting in with youself is all that matters. We are all unique creations of this world, only you know where you belong, do not let anyone tell you where you do or do not belong.

Have You Always Wish That You Had Someone To Talk Too?

We all need someone to vent too. At times it may look like no-one is bothered to listen to you. Sometimes it’s actually because no-one wants to be bothered by your problems because they have their own problems to deal with. It makes you feel alone like you have no-one to turn to so you talk to yourself hoping for the day that someone would actually care about you. Do not lose hope! In a world full of people eventually one day you will find that one person that is truly by your side in the time of your needs.

The Hard Truth About Taking A Life:

Taking the life of yourself or anyone is in fact a form of weakness. A gangster or killer would disagree when it comes to killing others but if one cannot control their mind or actions, they are in fact weak minded. It takes a strong person to fight through life’s obstacle learning to love without hate and too have compassion for the living including oneselves. We all have weaknesses, sometimes we win and sometimes our weaknesses win. There is not one person on this earth that does not have a weakness.

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E-mail Address:

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot change anyone’s mind! I can only help to show the light through a dark tunnel. We are all free to make our own choices with our own consequences and karma. No human is perfect, this includes myself so note everyone has our own demons to fight in life. It is up to us to fight life’s obstacles wisely in a manner to win.

I am not doing this to look down on anyone or to judge. This is purely an act of good will. I will personality be reading your messages and giving the best advise I have to give. I will not judge your life for I do not believe anyone should pass judgement. I will stand by your side until my help is no longer needed. Whether months or years everyone needs someone to talk too. Everyone needs love and every needs help. Sometimes its a matter of waiting for the rite person or the rite time too come along to open up.

Response Time:

Response time would be in a timely manner. My goal is to reach as many people as I can since this is a worldwide issue. Do not expect a response in 5 mins! Please know that you will defiantly be getting a respond back to your messages within 24 hours.

If you happen to think I’ve missed your messages, please do not hesitate and feel free to send another message.

Warning: I am not responsible for any deaths if contacted and deaths which still will occur. I am only here to be a listening ear and to help steer participants from harmful thoughts. I will not show interest to anyone that is full of negativity and closed minded. I will not agree or assist with anyone taking their lives.

I will only keep interest in the people that really want help, even if your thinking is crowded with negativity because of what you are going through I will not leave. If you are not listening to reasons or letting me talk but will only keep talking with giving me no room to speak, you will be blocked from being able to email me but you will still have access to my blog. Thank You For Your Time And Understanding!

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