How Do You know If Someone Has A Evil Or Dark Soul?

People who have dark soul’s typically do not find joy in the things that normal people find joy in. They tend to find joy by feeding off of other’s misfortunes. People like this do not like things to go smoothly or easy for others. Instead they will be filled with hate towards other’s achievements and happiness in life.

They tend to like things to go and be their way. Seeing other’s mess up in life and feel suffering is their greatest joy. They are usually happy when things go wrong and sad when things go rite. They will laugh at your pains and mistakes and talk down or against you when you are doing or trying to do good. When you are doing bad these people will them to be your biggest admirers.

For instance I have a distance half brother that I have yet to meet. One night as I was having a drink, I got a call from facebook. I answered the call and the person on the other end was claiming to be my brother. He went on complain about how bad his life has been. I asked if he has hobbies to help bring happiness to his life. He then says to me that he likes to catch animals and hurt them. He said he broke a puppy’s bones by throwing it at the wall. He don’t like to kill them rite away because he wants them to slowly feel pain.

For example: He would take a metal rod and shove it in the mouth of a frog pulling it out through the other end. He would them stab it, cut off legs and other satanic acts before ending its life. I ended up cutting him off from contacting me. A few days back he called to apologise for not calling in so long. I then asked what was the noise in the background, he replied with someone is getting chopped up. I am chopping someone up with a machete.

I tried to give him advices by telling him that the path he is on is evil. He then said that I was insulting him and that I suck eggs and as to how wack my advise was to him. I told him his actions are those of a future murderer. They start off with frogs and puppies then to torture and raping humans, to killing humans.

A few years back at work, one of my co-workers had a disagreement with our boss. As we were working she went on a rant saying that she is Satanic and that she wants to get dog poop, dirt from where something bad happen, dirty water etc to make a spell to bring him sufferings for making her upset.

Some people are proud to be evil and would not mind telling you openly. When I asked what she does for fun, she then said she is in a cult so on her free time they go to the woods and do spells and human offerings etc. Her favorite type of music is heavy metal.

Typically people that are Satanic or like to do evil acts are drawn to the dark vibrations that the heavy metal music gives off to their souls.

Some people will always try to bring you down Don’t matter how hard you try in life. Don’t matter how good your doing in life, negative people will always speak on the bad parts. Don’t matter what you have, they will see what you do not have. Don’t matter how perfect you are they will always see the imperfect sides of you. They would sometimes go out of their way to bring sorrow and grief into your life. Sometimes this is done by showing other’s and making others feel how they feel about you so that they to will go against you and cause you harm. When you are in their presence your energy will go down and you will feel as if everything seems to go wrong causing you more sorrow than happiness.

One day as I was going through comments from a post on facebook, I came cross a disturbing comment saying may the Devil be with you! I immediately knew that that person serves the devil. I then clicked on his profile picture and his face was painted in a dark and twisted way with blood all over his face, hornes sticking out his head and bloody red eyes. I them saw more similar pictures conforming my suspicions.

6 years back as I was walking to the store to get some snacks this random man stopped me in front of the door and started to walk with me, telling me how pretty I was and that he wanted to be my friend. As I shook his hands to introduce myself, I felt a strong dark presence, I saw nothing but darkness in my eyes as chills ran throughout my body. I then went into the store and he was still standing there when I got out, I then moved and never looked back.

The people that I was staying with hide something from me, out of fear. They didn’t pay the rent and had to leave. I did not know until two days of having to leave. They obviously eventually would have had to tell me. I think that life did this. Life made them not pay so as to protect me. Yes my life got harder because I was homeless again… But the man knows which door I came out of, so he knew how to gain access into my life. He probably would have kept walking by or waited until I walked outside so as to act nice and as if it’s a coincidence to enter my life. Apon gaining access, who knows where this path would have led me to.

I’ve seen people that rather plan to rob and steal from people before trying to earn it themselves. I’ve heard screams of someone being pistol woop for his weed from my vary friends. Always remember… A friend to one is an enemy to another. To people picking fights with others for no reason. One day my friend was at a park. I was at home because the person she went with…. I didn’t like. Shortly after she came home saying she helped a girl that was being beaten and now the people are after her. A few minutes later 6 cars deep pulled up to our yard, demanding that we come outside or they will run up in the house. I had several kitchen knives on me just incase but I demanded they fight one on one and then leave my friend alone. While fighting a knife that was burned and sharpened to the tip was waiting for my friend to be stabbed. Something so serious for what?….. Because someone wanted to be mean to someone and since my friend protected her, she was then followed. The knife fell out of the girls pocket, putting it on our side. Our other friends was outside while the fight was going on so they quickly spotted the knife before the other side could have retrieved it from the ground.

To me that was life on my friend’s side for her good deeds to her fellow being in times of evil.

These are a few examples on how you can tell if someone in your life has a dark or evil soul. If you spot any of these it is in your best interest to Run and to keep these people out of your life. If you cannot help yourself … Know that life will help you. If it doesn’t help you in the waking world, it is because this world does not deserve you so your blessings will be giving to you somewhere else.


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