The Curse Of The Blood Shed….

I think that the only way to fully excape from the clutch of time is through blood shed. Why? Because karma leaves no stone unturned.

You see there is not only one curse we have to break but also the most deadliest of all curses…. the drawing of blood.

The first person that drew blood from another for his power is where the cycle will be finished. Some may believe in Jesus Christ… The son of God or Man…. That his life ended in blood shed because of his fellow beings torturing and persecuting him for trying to show them a different better way of life etc. Etc……

But it is obvious that Jesus is not the first one to have had blood drew from his body wrongfully. Many others that came before Christ has went through if not the same or worst acts leading up to Jesus himself.

The person or thing dead or alive that first killed wrongfully will have to pay in the physical world, since this is where the curse has taken placed. But how will they pay in the physical world if they are dead? By their roots I say.

Picture us all as roots to one tree….. the root of the roots it started with, is where it will end. In the living and physical world… the descendants of the root that drew blood, are the ones that will have to pay.

But why will they have to pay if everything can be resolved peacefully, and they are not their ancestors? You see if we were to take over the world now, someone don’t matter how peaceful we are will try to attack us. What happens if one had to fight till death?! Will you die…. or will you kill? What exactly do you have to lose?! Well for the ones that started it, they will gain power and also possibly lose power.

So guess what?….. That is what we will be faced with in the end. To lose power or gain power. We have already lost power. The only thing left is to gain power. Don’t matter how peaceful we are, the ancestors of the main root will live through their descendants, possessing them as if they were alive.

This is why every drop of blood that dripped for earth will root back to the main source. Picture this….. You take a drip of blood and drop it…. It falls and slowly sliver like a snake. . . …. It stops! You take some more blood and drip it from where the last drop stopped off at! If falls! You are slowly watching it connect and run as far as it. . . ….. stops!

You keep doing this over . . … and over and over again. How much blood will it take to reach back around to where it was first started?! Will it be 1 more… 2 more… 3 more… 100 more… maybe 1000 more…. 100000000 more maybe 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times more. I guess we will have to wait till the end to see. According to the calling of our Soul’s… The end isn’t too far away. (Whatever that is)

The part of the roots that started the curse are the ones that will never be able to not only adapt to change but to also accept it. These are the people that will not be the chosen ones because they have deemed it so. They do not want change and they will not accept it. The wilder the blood shed, the closer we are to something. Will we die ….. Or will we kill…. The Curse Of The Blood

Are You A U.S Citizen & Interested In Being A Blood Donor?

Here is a link that can direct you through the American Red Cross

Are You Interested In Being A Blood Donor But Live Outside Of The U.S?

Please google your local blood drive areas…… call and make an appointment. Make sure you have your identification and any other paperwork that is required. If you do not know what paperwork is required please ask while making the appointment over the phone. Be safe getting there and be safe getting back.


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16 thoughts on “The Curse Of The Blood Shed….

      1. Interesting.. Ego Vs. Soul. Mind Vs. Heart, Love Vs. Survival. Soul Path Vs. Surrender, Soul Path Vs. Keeping Your Mission.. many things in this dualistic to contemplate..

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