Unnecessary Upheavals

There are some people in life who will never deserve a spot in your life. The more you try to find a place for them in your life, the more times life will try to remove them away from you.

It is up to you to listen and to see who are the ones that are not deserving of you; or to go through unnecessary upheavals until those people are removed from you.


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22 thoughts on “Unnecessary Upheavals

    1. Interesting question….. After we or the universe makes the decision to let these people go, if they keep on returning into our lives, it would be because a lesson still has to be learned.

      It is in our best interest to see if the other person needs to learn a lesson from us or we need to learn from them.

      There is a reason and a lesson as to why these people keep on returning. Finding that reason/ lesson would let us know if the person or us are truly the problem.

      Only when the lesson that’s needed to be learned from both sides is learned would life split us up or keep us together.

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    1. True. Neither is more important, both had to equally be in synced with each other to make the same decision. If both is not in synced, it will be hard to make a proper or clear decision.


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