Missing People Without A Trace…. No Signs Of Murder… Vanished Into Thin Air. Bodies Never To Be Found. Want To Find Out What Happened If They Didn’t Get Kidnapped Or Murdered… Then Keep On Reading.

*** this topic quickly changes from a scientific form to a biblical form. It was not originally intended to offend or confused anyone. So if you too are also confused with this post, again I am truly sorry. I was simply writing my thoughts ***

Here Is a List Of The Top 10 places in the world where people have vanished into Thin air according to The Travel https://www.thetravel.com/25-mysterious-places-people-keep-disappearing-from/

  • The Bermuda Triangle – Eye Of The Superstition Storm
  • The Sargasso Sea – Deceptively Calm
  • The Michigan Triangle – A Maelstrom Of Disappearances
  • Lake Superior – America’s Ship Graveyard
  • The Devil’s Sea – A Danger Zone
  • The Alaska Triangle – Harsh Northern Winds
  • Yosemite National Park – Spirited Children
  • The Nevada Triangle – Up And Away
  • The Nevada Triangle – Up And Away
  • Pyramid Lake – Saltwater And Fishermen

My Answer is simply that they have walked into an active portal without realization.

According To Graeme Poole answered on 13 Nov 2018:

Wormholes are theoretical bridges in spacetime, linking two different parts of space that are very far apart but can quickly be travelled between via the wormhole.

Portals are basically just doors and entrances. At each end of the wormhole, there is a portal.

So what does this mean did they walk through a wormhole or a portal?

Judging from the difference of a wormhole and a portal… People that have went missing upon return, that had no memory of who they were or where they are, are the ones that has mistakenly walked through a portal leading them right back to the same dimension which is earth.

People that walk through wormholes are the ones never to be found or seen again.

According to Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, mass and energy warp the fabric of space-time. And a certain special configuration of matter and energy allows the formation of a tunnel, a shortcut between two otherwise distant portions of the universe.

Since a portal /door is at the entrance of each wormhole a portal would not exist without a wormhole. This means that a portal would not stand on its own and most likely a wormhole would not stand on its own without an entrance and a exit.

Though no one fully knows how wormholes are created many have tried.

According to Science Alert a wormhole is effectively just a tunnel that connects two places in the Universe. So far scientists have simulated this process, but are nowhere near creating a gravitational wormhole, as it would require us to create huge amounts of gravitational energy – something we don’t yet know how to do.

I believe that everything in this world, we do not know of is simply because it is right there in our faces. Our will and lack of understanding is the only thing that separates everything from us.

What is impossible for us is like eating a piece of cake for another creature. Learning to create wormholes will broaden the places that we are confined to. Right now we are confined to the Earth. The whole universe untouched because we have only lived in one spec of it.

People seeing ghost, demons and creatures that looks nothing like us. People going on hunts trying to find these creatures that people have described but no one to find them. How? Why? When?

I believe that some of these wormholes are always open while others work at a certain time or energy whatever we want to describe it as.

I think it would be easier for us to create a wormhole if we follow the right steps. These are things we do not know of. The only way to figure something out from nothing is to use the only thing that we do have and trace it back to that thing.

It would make sense to go to all of these portals / doors where people have vanished and figure out how to close it. Only then will we really know how to create the wormhole itself. To just go and create a wormhole it will never work because at the end and the beginning of each wormhole is a door and entrance.

Figuring out the right amount of things to close these portals would help us to know the exact structure and ingredients that is needed for a wormhole.

We have to use the little that we have and build from there. When we have successfully closed these portals/ doors is when we can successfully create a wormhole.

It is much easier to see physical evidence of these portals being closed when we see that no one else has vanished from these places.

Where are these people? Are they okay? There are so many places/ dimensions in this universe… they can be any and everywhere. If they’re safe is another question because not everywhere in the universe is ruled by good.

This is where the Antichrist comes in? A scientific view turning into a biblical view. The thing that is not good that is supposed to be coming for us. The thing that is ready to reclaim this Earth has access to these portals.

The Antichrist has always been here! All the evilness has always been here. They come and go freely as they want so then why are we still protected?

Would you laugh at me and call me crazy if I tell you that the devil is the one protecting us?

We do not know much but what we do know is that Lucifer was once an angel of good until he rebelled against God and God kicked him out of heaven where he resides amongst us on Earth. The devil is supposed to be in hell with all the bad souls. Where is hell really? We are living our hell everyday… we are creating hell in hell.

If the devil had everything that he wanted and needed why would he want to come here and build a new creation?

Can it be because the Antichrist is the ruler of this Earth? Is this why the Antichrist is against God and Jesus because they have tried to taken over and make the world something else?

We do not know exactly what Lucifer did to disobey God but we do know that whatever it was, that it is here. Maybe Lucifer wanted to save something that God didn’t want to saved. Can it be because of the antichrist or something that the antichrist has?

So if Lucifer and the Antichrist is here and this is the Antichrist world then how did Lucifer gain power over the Antichrist? Most likely Lucifer did evil giving him the name of the devil. To overpower the Antichrist he would have to be more evil than good. To be more evil does not necessarily mean that one is evil.

To us (the good) Lucifer is evil. He has steered many souls of course, he has made us hurt, he have us living in a painful cycle tricking us, fooling us as God but in reality this trick is to help us.

Yes many have lost their way because of Lucifer’s evil actions. We kill each other, we rape each other and we treat each other so bad. We have people leading us when in fact we have more power than the ones that are leading.

So then what is Lucifer really? Is he an angel or is he the devil? He is simply Lucifer. He is not good and he is not evil. The same as us… we are not good and we are not evil. The same as God… God is supposed to be the greatest good but yet he does evil to get us back on track so God is not good and he is not evil.

Everything is simply based on the energy we choose to match.

The Devil portraying himself as this great evil is because it is apart of his plan. To see what is really evil is the first step. No one really knows they’re in the game. No one really beats the game and that is why we are protected by the devil. He is protecting us until we beat his game.

The devil is protecting us from the Antichrist until we figure out how to beat him at his own game. He forces us to bend.. break, cry and hurt hoping that one day somebody will beat him at his own game. What exactly is Lucifer trying to do here?

Whatever It Is, God has gaven Lucifer free reign over our souls that is why God did not put an end to Lucifer. God has gaven him permission for a certain amount of time to do this to us. At the end of this time, if Lucifer’s goal is not fulfilled God will still come and pull us out. In the meantime Lucifer is waiting for us to beat him at his game to help him with whatever God did not want to help him with.

I believe that once Lucifer goal is accomplished, God is going to be the happiest he has ever been since his existence.

Lucifer cannot protect us forever and we cannot keep living in this cycle forever. Time and energy is ticking. Who are we really helping?…Lucifer or God? In helping Lucifer are we truly helping God also?

I believe the answer is yes because when God came here to earth, he gave us light, to him the light was good. This means that whatever was here before God could not have been that great.

Lucifer is actually bringing good into this world. Do you not see it? Look at how many times we have been through so much bad. Look at how many times we have done so much bad. In a state that was already bad how do good exist?

Some realize that the bad we are feeling and doing is none of us and should not be here. Only when we realize this we can choose to remove it and create good to rise above the bad.

We only know what we read or what we are told. This means that everything we think we know is not what it is. The things that we would think of as bad or evil are the things that might be the total opposite.


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9 thoughts on “Missing People Without A Trace…. No Signs Of Murder… Vanished Into Thin Air. Bodies Never To Be Found. Want To Find Out What Happened If They Didn’t Get Kidnapped Or Murdered… Then Keep On Reading.

  1. Thank you for sharing!!.. While I am not into religion, I keep an open mind and not always do I take what I have read or have been told as the “gospel”.. as the chaplain told my late wife “it is what is in the heart that matters, not the name above a door” so I usually follow my heart and rarely go wrong… 🙂

    Until we meet again…
    May your day be touched
    by a bit of Irish luck,
    Brightened by a song
    in your heart,
    And warmed by the smiles
    of people you love.
    (Irish Saying)

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  2. You lost me when you discussed the antichrist….within the context of scientific viewpoint about wormholes. To me, it’s it’s one view or the other not both.


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