Let Us Talk About What Was On My Mind Last Night…

I decided to ponder upon what a fellow soul has brought to my attention. You know!… those people that are always there at the rite time to catch you slipping. The ones that see’s your faults because you allowed them to. The ones that you stand strong in front of but they do not know the full you. The ones that do not sit back and be intimidated to speak up when you are spiraling out of control. Those ones.

As humans, we tend to work on our faults when others bring it to our attention. Sometimes we do not notice a fault or think of something as a fault until someone else tells us that it is in fact a fault.

We then begin to work on our faults until everyone stops complaining about it. When no one else mentions it, we think that getting rid of it was a success.

We then go back to reality with the new version of ourselves, until months and years down the line someone else notices that there is a fault in us. The same fault from before that another had mentioned.

They step back and watch this fault, until we are in mid peak of it all… Just before your were about to break the barriers, they step in and say…… Hey! You are impatient…. You are cold and heartless.. you are to dependent on drugs etc etc… It’s many other examples of the things people will always bring to our attention.

The ones that sit back and never speak up or encourage us are not the ones for us. The ones that speak up don’t matter if they treat us bad in other areas of our lives… At that moment they are placed in our lives to push us into something better so we should still listen even though we don’t want to.

Last night before I started to ponder for the 1000383747389294774774 times on all the faults others see in me while setting the mood. I opened the curtains wide open since it was cloudy and windy last night. The trees were blowing viciously from side to side, back and forth as the clouds fastly flowed away into the far distance. It looked like the sky’s was ready to bust with water at any given moment.

I then turned off all the lights and television. I decided to hook up the Bluetooth to the stereo system. I then went on youtube and searched for powerful meditation frequency. I searched for powerful meditation frequency and stumbled upon https://youtu.be/vn-uyCShY9g.

I laid on the opposite direction of the bed from where my pillows are since I couldn’t see outside properly. I adjusted myself faced with my head towards the window. Deep breath in….. deep breath out. Close eyes I said to myself… No! Pick something and steer.

I went into deep thoughts and stated getting scared. It sounded like out of nowhere someone was walking into he room up to me. I keep laying there until I realizted it was coming from the sound so I had to find another sound.

That is when I found this one https://youtu.be/yD6dpHRvPXA. I ended up falling asleep and waking up to it until it was completely finished. I also absolutely enjoyed the sound.

I went back to laying down. Deep breath in, deep breath out… Ok rite now pull out of your body. What do you notice? Everything is moving, including me don’t matter how much I am still.

Ok think about your faults… Why do they keep popping up? The only thing that can keep a fault away is if it is worked on everyday. Every day we do not work on it, adds up until the day the fault can be seen by others and then ourselves. By then you would have to stop and work on it before it takes you over. Once it takes you over it will be hard to get back on the rite track if we ever do get back on it that is.

This means every fault we have, will always be there don’t matter how absence it may be at moments. So now I have to go and take a step back, to work on my faults permanently everyday and not just for a given moment.

The thing I picked and chose to stare at was a light in the far distance. A home and a dirt business in one. They sell different types and colours of dirt. I then started thinking, why do some think the dark is the place to be and not the light. If God came and met the earth at a state of darkness, giving us light, then why do we fear the dark but will still go in it to hide from everything and everyone else?!

Isaiah 45:7-8 states: I create the light and make the darkness. I send good times and bad times. I, the LORD, am the one who does these things. “Open up, O heavens, and pour out your righteousness. Let the earth open wide so salvation and righteousness can sprout up together. I, the LORD, created them.

I was intrigued to find out what was the difference of the light and the dark. What is the different purpose between the light and a dark?

I was thinking if they say the light holds the truth then why are there lies in it? Can the truth really be in the light but the way we are perceiving things is what creates the lies. Think about it! we are constantly changing everything around us including the way we speak and the way we communicate with each other.

For example: let’s use a animal, the dog. The definition of a dog is a domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell, nonretractable claws, and a barking, howling, or whining voice.

Then there are these other versions:

1.follow (someone or their movements) closely and persistently.”photographers seemed to dog her every step”

2.INFORMAL•NORTH AMERICAN act lazily; fail to try one’s hardest.”Eric had a reputation for dogging it a little”

Now here is what I was thinking…… If I was to make the statement now; yooo me and my dog seen this bad A$@ Chick and we was fighting to see who F_¢✓$ her blah blah blah.

Someone from a different time would be like; he and his dog was trying to have sex with a woman. His dog won her over and they then had sex. They had a baby, half dog and half human.

But in another perspective, the dog is a homie. A homie definition is; “A person from one’s home town or neighborhood; a member of one’s peer group or gang; a homeboy or homegirl.” … good friend.” This final definition vividly shows that “homie” has evolved into a word with a positive connotation as it is associated with close bonds such as friendship or brotherhood.

So you see in the statement I made, I meant that me and my boy seen her. I am Abigail writing as usual so this statement was randomly made up and not about me or anyone else. It is just to prove a point. And you see how the dog and the woman created a half dog/human… Something that has nothing to do with the statement I made.

This is where different perspectives comes into play. Every couple years we look at the same things at different angles. Everything that we are supposed to know has always changed and this is why it seems like the light carries lies. This is why it seems like the things we know is lies because most of it is from a perspective that is not of the perspective in which it was really intended to be in.

In the dark, it breaks us down and forces us to see all these perspectives and to find our own perspective or the true perspective. The darkness hides the lies of the light revealing the true perspective of any given word or thought.

That is when I realized the difference between the light and the dark is that the light represents knowledge and understanding and the dark represents strength and wisdom. This is the difference between the light and the dark.

Having to see through everyone’s perspectives into the real intended perspective is what creates wisdom. Wisdom is something that has to be worked for. Wisdom is very costly.

In the light it forces one to do nothing really. If one has a perspective in front of one, we see that perspective and hold on to it having to look for nothing else. Unless we realize that, that perspective is not the real perspective and the perspective before that perspective is the intended perspective.

The ones that goes through the dark to find the rite perspective and bring it back to the ones in the light are the reasons why we have a few rite perspectives in the light. We can go back into the dark to find the rite perspectives for everything so that it would be no reason to go through the dark again. The thing is that there will always be different perspectives under one condition.

The only way for everyone to always be on the same page and for it to never change…. to know what the meaning of one thought is, is if we all are all under the same language. One meaning per word and no more. We have to come under one speaking, one thinking, one writing and one doing in order to always keep the right perspective. The right perspective is a perspective that does not change. If a perspective changes then it is no longer the right perspective.

This is why the dark is there…. so that we could walk through it if we got lost in the light.

There is hope for us, but only if we are willing to work for it.

Until next time, remember that you are always loved and will ways be loved by life. We are all love and we all love eachother. We just don’t see it fully as yet. Keep spreading joy and love wherever you go, this will help us to remember who and what we are.


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4 thoughts on “Let Us Talk About What Was On My Mind Last Night…

  1. War as a trauma, defines the term T’shuva. טוב

    What connects the pains of labor childbirth to tzar’at/leprosy?
    אתה חונן לאדם דעת ומלמד לאנוש בינה, חננו מאתך דעה בינה והשכל. ברוך אתה ה’, חונן הדעת.
    The toldoth generations of Man compares the plagues which HaShem brought upon the hardened heart of Par’o and Egypt. Learning, whether Talmudic or T’NaCH, requires comparing similar cases. Oral Torah operates through the medium of Common Law. Common Law stands upon the יסוד of precedents. Herein explains the commentary made by the Baali Tosafot upon the whole of the Sha’s; it reflects how the Gemara learns every Mishna in the Talmud. Persons who study Talmud and fail to develop the logic required to compare Case studies of halacha, never learned how to learn Talmud.

    Knowledge holds positive and negative aspects. When the sons of Shem first called upon HaShem, our sages learn that the sons of Shem called upon tuma avoda zara. Knowledge requires the understanding which can discern between like and like, between tohor and tuma. The exile of Adam HaReShon from the garden teaches a powerful mussar, a mussar יסודי. When Adam hid himself from the Spirit of HaShem due to his shame, this quality passed from generation to generation to generation to generation etc.

    Plagues affected Par’o. Par’o trusted advisors declared these plagues “the finger of G-d”. Yet Par’o hitched his chariot and pursued after Moshe and Israel. And subsequently his entire army drowned in the Sea of Reeds. Par’o could not see “the finger of G-d” in his life! All the generations of Adam HaReShon, they too, blind to “the finger of G-d” in their lives. Hence the entire T’NaCH and Talmud spins around awareness of tohor and tuma spirits. All the translators of the Xtian Bible lacked this awareness; they translate tohor and tuma as clean and unclean — pure or impure. There theology of Creed and Dogmatism, belief replaced awareness of “the finger of G-d” in their lives.

    Why does the Talmud emphasize observance of halacha? Not because halacha defines the Will of God. Rather the framers of the Talmud edited the Sha’s Bavli to teach mussar woven into the fabric of ritual halachic observances. All T’NaCH prophets command mussar. Mussar teaches “the finger of G-d” in our lives, the holy dedication unto HaShem to walk/אמת in tohor. The framers of the Talmud mixed halacha with aggadita with the k’vanna that a Yid observes halachic mitzvot to perceive “the finger of G-d” in their lives. Herein explains the entire Sha’s Bavli limited to a few paragraphs.

    In a few hours Israel accepts the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. Herein explains the counting of the Omer – to remove avoda zara from the midst of Israel prior to receiving the Torah at Sinai, while breathing tohor spirits. The objections raised by Isaac Mayer Wise, one of the founders of the Reform abomination who declared halacha as antiquated, and unnecessary, and irrelevant stand, at least to my mind, totally refuted and completely false.

    Development of tohor awareness learns from the contrast of tuma: the hardened heart of Par’o; blind to “the finger of G-d” in his life. All the toldoth generations of Adam HaReshon, lived their long lives completely unaware of “the finger of G-d” … the mussar of tohor, in their lives. Halachot serve as a fence around the Torah. Avodat HaShem requires tohora. Tohora, defined as the awareness of “the finger of G-d” within our lives.

    The Irish, they serve as a specific example of the tuma mentality of all Europe. They condemn Israel for being the Jewish state. They demand the right of return apply to stateless Arab refugees of 1948! That pretty much sums up the regret of Europeans for Israel winning its national independence. The enemy of my people, Europe, desperately seeks to negate not just the ’67 miracle victory – which they euphemistically call ‘the 2 State solution, land for peace’ – but they seek to complete the Nazi ‘Final Solution’, or at least return Jews to our previous status as g’lut exiles: a People having no country of our own.

    This current conflict, only on the surface pits Israelis against Balestinians – an imaginary people comparable to Jesus son of Zeus, an imaginary man. The Jewish state proves 2000 years of church propaganda as false narishkeit. As it stands today, with the Jewish state, the Xtian church stands disgraced by the Shoah and exile has turned the fallen church upon it’s head. The church moans for the 2nd coming of Jesus. That disgraced and exiled ‘religion of love’ has collapsed as the faith of hope, the salvation of fallen mankind, as previously understood based upon the New Testament Bible theology taught by the Apostle Paul. Herein explains the need among European governments to push for their 2 State solution, the extension of their previous ‘Final Solution’, which European governments either actively or passively imposed. The Jewish state exposes the guilt and barbaric true nature of Europe as a third rate inferior race among mankind.

    השיבנו אבינו לתורתך, וקרבנו מלכנו לעבודלך, והחזירנו בתשובה שלמה לפניך. ברוך אתה ה’ הרוצה בתשובה.

    The bait and switch of the curse of the אלהים upon Adam HaReshon occurs with the sign of the rainbow; HaShem ceases to curse mankind, but Noach imposes an eternal curse upon the seed of Ham who witnessed the ערוה tuma nakedness of his father. The language of ערוה implies sexual perversion such as incest or homosexuality. The language of ערוה defines the spirit of tuma within the heart of all mankind. The story of Yaacov wrestling with the Angel of Esau teaches the mussaar that Man as a species for ever struggles and contends with the tuma Yatzir. Esau hates Yaacov. The sages of Israel refer to Europe by the metaphor of Esau.

    The Pesach story of the korban offered in Egypt explains the k’vanna of the High Holy Day of Yom Kippur. Par’o demanded that Israel offer a korban while in the land of Egypt. Moshe refused Par’o, saying ‘shall Israel publicly make a korban dedication before the eyes of the Egyptian people which they hold as an abomination? They would stone us! Yet the korban Pesach boldly public declares with blood painted upon the door posts of the houses of Israel, comparable to the existence of the State of Israel today in the eyes of Europe, and destruction came upon all Egypt!

    The t’shuvah of the Cohen people for all eternity, do we reject the Will of the tuma Yatzir within our hearts. Herein defines the sealing of Yom HaDin upon the Brit, as expressed through the mitzva of Yom Kippur. The anointing of the House of Aaron as Moshiach, dedicated to do avodat HaShem while tohor. This moshiach dedication learns from the sanctification from tuma of the eish tzar’at, dedicated in the exact same way as Moshe dedicated the sons of Aaron as Moshiach. As tefilla stands in the place of korbanot, כלל ישראל bears the dedication to HaShem to walk in the path/אמת of tohor middot. This defining quality trait, the Torah calls avodat HaShem. From this Torah source the Gemara of Sanhedrin teaches that כלל ישראל, that we live as the Moshiach in all generations. The Midrash teaches a powerful mussar concerning the Moshiach; it employs the metaphor which describes the Moshiach as an eish tzar’at, a man afflicted with leprosy.

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    1. It is tied in saying that is how all things that we see as not Natural travel into this world. It was at first two topics but decided tie it into one… Will work on clearing it up. Thank you.


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