We Are The Devil Of God

I was just here thinking that if we are God then that means we are the Devil. Why? Because we as humans have a double side to everything.

Male and Female separated because one is softer than the other.

Good and bad because on is more destructive than the other.

Light and dark because one is much easier to see through the human eyes.

This means that God himself is also the Devil. This can be why we find it hard to stay on the right track and away from temptations.

This is why we knew from a young age that there is evil in this world at a larger sale than we have been exposed to. We know better but yet we choose to do worst.

The reason why some believe in the Devil and in God is because it is the same thing. He is real indeed and he is also apart of each of us.

When we set off in search of the Devil or God we are actually going after the same thing. The more energy we give to one, the stronger it gets.

If we give more good than bad, we can make God more stronger than the Devil.

We cannot run from the Devil but we can save him by learning how to control him with our souls. After all if he is apart of us, the only way to save our selves is to save him too. The bad that is hiding in all of us, we have to overpower it. If the bad is removed completely the Devil will no longer exist. It seems impossible for the ones unwilling to change but it is really a illusion.

Something which is simpler than it really is but seems hard is also an illusion to me. Some believes that we are far gone from saving everyone but yet I see how easy it actually is. The ones that cannot see are the ones that will one day see and this is why it is all an illusion.

Since it is the same thing, we are not destroying the devil, we are helping him to do good. We are helping God and ourselves to do good. The devil is us, we will not die in soul or will it. It will then only have one side instead of two sides.

Ok I should be sleeping for work but I have so many things in my drafts that I do not want to keep adding to it.

Please see that we are double in everything that we do, which means that the Devil is capable of great good.

We are capable of great good. We can keep trying to be and do better. To want and feel better. We can change our lives and the world.

Or……. We can give up and let go. We can destroy the world and everything in it. We can destroy ourselves and then there will be nothing since we are everything.

The choice really is ours on which side we let win, this is why we cannot keep adding to the bad and we cannot fear change. Changing is the only way we can be saved. If we do not change the devil in us will destroy us. Actually destroying all existence. We cannot keep both and one must go.

This is why God has multiplied us, so as to have a chance at successfully winning this battle. The fewer, we would have been destroyed already. The more, we are still creating, leaving our chances to be saved greater.

If the Devil stays, we will be nothing. If God stays, we will continue to be everything. This is why the Devil has to go, so that we do not destroy ourselves.

In the very, very, very, end we will have to kill something in physical form. It should be common sense because we are healing from a physical aspect into the soul. Whatever it is that we have created into the physical aspect from the bad would have to be destroyed physically. Since we are fighting to be one instead of two, in the end it will be two physical things left. Us as one and it. One has to go because the other doesn’t agree with the other. Will it be us or will it be it? We will know that the very end to all of our madness is when we have ended it in physical form.

Maybe this is why we hear God talking about a physical thing that is not of him. We call it the antichrist. Whatever it is, it isn’t coming to us but it is waiting for us to go to it and destroy it. First we have to get one with us and then, only then can we go to it. Going to soon will obviously destroy us. Also taking to long to go to it, will also destroy us. It is as if it is waiting for us to destroy ourselves.

Finding it shouldn’t be hard because the more we grow, the easier it will be to see it. We have to go to it and destroy it before it is to late.

Once we change all of us, the antichrist will be the only one left that will never believe, and it is that in which it has to be destroyed and not eachother. Fighting against eachother is his trick to get us to destroy ourselves so that it will only exist and not us.

Sadly great pain and suffering will have to happen inorder to flip everyone to one side. We will almost destroy eachother before we can agree to be one. I do hope and pray that we stand up in real life, with everyone from all nations with peace and love as one before it is to late. I hope that we can stand with all our good and bad and heal us. I hope that we can be happy and never feel pain or suffering anymore…. etc etc…

Ok, ok I should really go now, even tho I plan on going to work really late tomorrow. I’ll get there rite before first break. I do this at times and say I had an emergency. My mental health is an emergency in my eyes and rite now my mind does not want to keep up with what’s going on around me but to slow down. M soul is exhausted making my body feel exhausted also.


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8 thoughts on “We Are The Devil Of God

  1. Very well written and so true. The God and The Devil are two sides of the same coin.. Bypassing dualistic thinking, it all is.. we give labels to things yet they just are energies.. Which wolf are we going to feed?🌹

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    1. Interesting…. Did not think of a compromise Bec it has already been so many decades since they parted ways.

      If there was room for a compromise then why did they path ways?…. Maybe going different ways, was the compromise. And if that is the compromise then what really is our purpose to them both?! 🤔


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