The Fortune Cookie Message I Received A Few Weeks Ago.

It is better to attempt something great and fail than attempt to do nothing and succeed.

Today I would like thee to reckon everything that is great about thou. Reckon everything great that thee wanted to accomplish or try but still haven’t out of fear.

I would like thee to think of those great things and then go have fun accomplishing it. Do not sit back because of fear. What is the worst that can happen? Everyone thinks you are crazy and do not want to be apart of your life.

It wouldn’t sound so crazy if you came to see that if no-one is in your life, that means that they are not the real one’s for you. If you choose to do you and a few stick around, then at least you will know that they are the one’s meant for you.

What is the best that can happen? A few people stick around because they like you…….. or the whole world opening up to you because you are what they have been waiting for.

………………… So you see, the only way to fail is to actually not go ahead and do those great things you wanted to do in the first place.

What do you have to lose?! Absolutely nothing, good but only the worng people for you.

Go be bold and do bold things. Do all those crazy weird things you always wanted to do. Go express yourself in ways that you know other’s may criticize. Go do that thing that everyone said you cannot accomplish but do it all with a good heart.

For me, that thing everyone said I couldn’t do was….. Helping To CHANGE THE WORLD. Many people do not believe that this world can change for the better. And if it can, it certainly won’t be no time soon, and more importantly, it wouldn’t be of my doings but that of others.

I used to get sad knowing that all this greatness in me, is confined to a limit. I wanted to break this limit so that my Soul can grow. I was feeling stuck and bottled up. I placed my pride aside and took my greatness straight to The World. I first started off talking to people one on one, then in groups, and now the internet, showing that what is in me is indeed great and worth fighting for. I no longer fear showing anyone how I think or feel. I feel free and I feel closer to me than I have ever been.

At the point of my death in the body, it will go 2 ways. I die with the World thinking I’m crazy but I will be true to myself and setting my Soul free. Or the very thing I have been Fighting for will in return be fighting with me and for me, while still being myself and setting my soul free.

So don’t worry about the rest….. They’re just a bunch of haters anyways. They are either unhappy with themselves or they are unhappy because they are not like you. It is in your best interest to think about who you want to be and go be that great person. Ok I’m almost done for today!

Please remember to always hold back your bad feelings and thoughts towards others. Everyone cannot and do not grow at the same levels at the same times. This means what you may see or think as wrong, isn’t what another may see. You may think someone is doing or saying something to hurt you but in reality they are doing their best, thinking that they are doing rite by you.

We have to have understanding and patience when dealing with each other, until we are all on the same level. It is only when we are on the same level, where misunderstandings and miscommunications would stop.

We have to be willing to wait for everyone else to catch up at the same level but while we’re doing this we have to be patient, kind, loving and understanding. When they are weak and ready to give up, we have to be strong to pull the others back up so that one day we will all be on the same level at the same time.


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