Rhaxelz To 1On1Wisdom……. “world is crazy”

Rhaxelz To 1On1Wisdom….. “world is crazy”

Re the “world is crazy”… “by 1On1Wisdom” Everyone “knows” the world is crazy (which always “conveniently” means the world/OTHER people, usually the governing authorities, are crazy but not they themselves, of course). Yet no one typically offers a good explanation why that is. Have you ever wondered WHY the world is crazy? How do you explain it intelligently? As a self-titled “1On1Wisdom” human do you have a coherent explanation for the craziness of the world that makes sense (religious fantasies are obviously excluded because they only “make sense” to fantasy lovers but never to truth-seekers)?

The WHOLE big picture (not just a part of the big picture) that makes up the human condition, that explains the craziness of the world.

Reply From 1On1Wisdom In Response To The Above Statement From Rhaxelz


Hi, so I’ve came to the conclusion that the world is “crazy” because no one person is actually crazy.
Yes! I said that rite…. No, one person is actually crazy
. I actually feel crazy making that statement… Lol

If you are to take a fool and compare him to an intelligent person, you will see and think and know that the intelligence person will have the upper hand over the fool.

In the unseen world and the physical world, everything is based on our thoughts. What will we think to create, what will be our next moves etc etc. In the spiritual aspect once any thoughts are created, it is in the world to last.

Don’t matter how rite or wrong one is, once in existence it becomes a life of it’s own. Meaning no one person can actually be rite or no one person can actually be wrong. Why? Bec at some point everyone is thinking they are the ones in the rite, while the other person is in the wrong. And to the other person, he is thinking he is rite and that you are the one that is infact wrong.

Energy and thought was put into us, and we became life. A drawing, a painting, objects a thought etc are that of a life of it’s own due to the energy and thought placed into it. So anything that energy or thought is placed into, also will take on a life of it’s own. Everything will become life, and life is everything. No one thing is truly different, but the illusion of differences.

It just gives a illusion to us, that we are all on different walks of life or that there is a wrong side or a bad side of life.

Nothing is truly bad until the final end of our source. Meaning as long as we have the power of our thoughts, we can shift the energy of the world from our current state of bad to a good state. Thinking, creating and doing good will balance out the scales of this life.

The world only seems crazy because we are separating ourselves from each other by thinking and picking a good or bad side. We should be coming together to help teach, heal and love each other. Instead we pin point, blame or separate ourselves from one another.

The closer we are as a human race, the less crazy and better it will be for all things that already exists and to the things that will soon exists. We are capable of both good or bad and we are also all capable of choosing only good.

A person only does what he or she see’s fit for themselves in any given moment or situation. Meaning a person would do anything to feel happiness, love acceptance or superiorness. Even if it is at the expense of others. It’s enough joy, love and happiness in the world for all, one has to want to stop doing wrong or having to be forced into doing wrong for the feeling of gratification.

When we are apart, we are being stingy and dividing everything amounts ourselves. Including keeping our love or happiness only exclusive to us or the people that we like, instead of sharing it with everyone, including the ones that we do not like. When we are together, we can better share our love, happiness and ideas to those that do not have it, that way no one person would feel the need to do wrong.

With great work and determination, we will sooner than later be a normal world over a crazy world. The key here is TOGETHERNESS, to help pull each other up or our level or another pulling us up to their level. We have to fight for each other to one day be on the same page. Leaving no parts of us behind.


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