My Belief’s On How To Increase The Prevention Of Cleft Lip

What Is A Cleft Lip And How Does It Form

A cleft lip happens if the tissue that makes up the lip does not join completely before birth. This results in an opening in the upper lip. The opening in the lip can be a small slit or it can be a large opening that goes through the lip into the nose.

What Do I Think Are The Root Causes Of cleft Lip

As seen above, cleft lip affects the mouth, lips and nose. For something to not properly close, means that something else causes the growth to stop. If an object is placed in a area for too long, things will normally begin to grow around them or through them.

For example: If a rock is placed on grass, eventually the grass may stop forming under the rocks and will proceed new growth around or on top of the rock, from the sides.

You see, the rock is like our bones. Things cannot normally grow through them, but only around them. What causes the mouth and nose to stop forming properly? If a baby was to place his or her hands into it’s mouth during growth in the stomach, if placed to often or to wide into his or her mouth, I believe this is what causes cleft lip.

As Seen On Ultrasounds… To Birth, A Baby Always Has His Or Her Hands In Their Mouths… Sometimes Passed The Age Of 5 Years.

So what….. It’s natural for a baby to have his or her hands in their mouths, so where exactly do we go worng to form cleft lip?

Have you ever seen a child that has sucked his thumbs for long periods of time?

If your answer is no, then the ones that knows can agree that the longer a child sucks on his thumbs, the more his teeth will begin to part ways. Sometimes the teeth begins to stick out front wards instead of straight…. Even growing in the direction of the lips.

I Believe The Cause To Cleft Lips Is Because Of The Lack Of Movements And Sounds During Development In The Uterus.

If a child has his thumb in his or her mouth for a short period of time, it will not necessarily affect bone growth. If a child has his whole hands or fingers in his mouth for a long time, the bone growth deficiency, is a 50/50 chance depending on how long that fetus has his or her hands in their mouths.

If the fetus puts his or her finger in the mouth, it is easier to take out. But if the fetus puts their whole hands in his mouth, it might be harder to take out making chances of his hands being stuck in his mouth much higher, than just his finger.

Preventing fetus getting their hands stuck in their mouths is necessary for proper mouth and nose development. Everyday a pregnant woman should exercise. It does not matter the stage of her pregnancy. She should run jog, do yoga, listen to sounds that the baby and her can hear at the same time and not only her. The sounds is to help insist and persuade awareness and movements of the fetus, Incase movements of the mother was overlooked by the fetus.

At least 5-10 jumping jack a day should help to insure fetus is not to comfortable in one position. The up and down movements can help hands to get unstuck. It also will give the baby a break from wanting to suck on their thumbs since they will be so uncomfortable. 5-10 mins of running is also healthy. Basic dancing and movements of the mothers will ensure stronger bone growth of the fetus.

The mother sitting around doing nothing really can cause a child to be less developed, than a mother that is active. Only an at risk mother should take it easy on herself but she should still jog slowly for short periods at a time. Basic exercises of the mother also helps to strengthen fetus bones and muscles. Making brittle bones in her fetus less likely to happen.

Proper rest and relaxation, to ensure the mother is healing while keeping active is a must. Belly dancing should also be a must. It will not suffocate or damage the fetus because they’re protected in the uterus. Belly dancing will ensure that the baby would come out easier and faster. Holding breathing back to long is what will suffocate the baby. When exercising or dancing always remember to take constant deep breaths. Especially with belly dancing, do not get caught up on trying to move your belly, while forgetting to breathe. Always stop to take long deep breaths, even if your not doing anything or not exercising…. always take deep breaths.


The baby would also have a easier time turning around when it’s time for birth without getting stuck. All the movements in the stomach from the mother will sure work out the muscles around the baby, in the baby and the uterus.

I am not a licenses doctor I am just someone that likes to question life to come
up with my own answers or conclusions as to why certain things are the way it is. Some of my conclusion are crazier than the other so do not take my words literally. This is just my beliefs and my thoughts and how I believe cleft lip is caused and how it can be prevented.


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