Boy…… Girl…… Transgender. Can One Really Be Born Into The Worng Sex?

As we may all know already……… A person is born a boy or girl and or sometimes having both male and female parts.

A boy is know to be rough and wild. You can rarely find him inside, because he is always on an adventure outside. He likes to get dirty and climb high things. From cars to guns, these are the things that fascinates him.

A girl is known to be sweet and delicate. You can find her playing with her dolls and tea sets. If she is found outside, she will normally be under something. Like a house of sticks she has made, always cooking for her dolls.

A transgender is a person that was born with one sex or body parts but feels drawn to be his or her opposite sex and acts on making changes, to become that.

According to Boys who transition to become girls are transgender females. And girls who transition to become boys are transgender boys. The terminology around gender nonconformity is rapidly evolving. Terms kids might use include genderqueer, nonbinary, gender fluid, agender, two-spirit, demigirl or demiboy. But the definition of these terms might vary for different people.

If a girl feels like a boy and a boy feels like a girl, does that mean that they were born in the wrong sex? My answer is no…. Soon I will explain why.

If I can only count from 1-5 does that mean that I am not capable of counting from 1-10. The answer is no. I am capable of learning and adapting to anything by learning.

So is being a transgender the wrong way to go? Yes, Because one assumed he or she felt a different way from the body… that it is the body, which is wrong and not the mind.

Now Let Me Explain

I was born a girl but for some reason did things like a boy. Most girls have many barbie dolls. In my case I had more toy guns than dolls. If I wasn’t outside shooting my guns I would be cooking for my dolls. Climbing trees, being rough and play fighting. Hunting and fishing with my uncle Danny, doing everything like a boy. From climbing trees, to fences and houses I was like a wild horse.

The older I grew, the more I realized I had to fight hard to be more like a girl. Not to be to loud. To wait my turn. To not always be dirty and muddy. To dress and carry myself like a girl. I must say I did a great job in learning to be a girl like I was born to be. But somehow a boy was much easier for me to be. I must admit tho I have grown into a fine young women, I still cannot get into long nails and fake nails. Like how do women even pick up a coin or button up their shirts with cute nails like that. Hey I might suck at this female thing… Who knows or who cares.

Anyways, the boy in me never did leave. I still like a good race and rough play fight. I still walk around asking people if I can lift them up, to show how strong I am. The same things I did as a child I still do as an adult. I’m now 26 year of age and the boy in me never did leave because he doesn’t have to unless I make him leave.

Just because I had to learn to be like a girl doesn’t mean that my boy side should be erased and it didn’t mean that I was a boy. I wasn’t confused on who I was or what I should be because I knew I was born a girl. I just knew that I was tougher and rougher than most girls and that’s not how girls are supposed to act. I just had to learn how to be more like a girl and to grow as one with my body.

If a person is born more masculine and they are a girl, it is their duty to learn to be feminine. If a person is born feminine but they are a boy, it is their duty to learn to be more masculine.

The goal is not to run away from your sex because you feel different… that is where we go wrong. We are supposed to teach ourselves how to be the things that we are not.

The reason a person might feel that they’re the opposite sex of what they are can be for many different reasons. It can be because of their ancestor lineage. For instance if a girl has a lot of male ancestors over women ancestors, the energy of the male in her lineage will cause her to feel more masculine. Or an ancestor lineage of mostly women can transfer feminine energy into a boy. Another contributing factor is also what the child grows up and see’s. What a child see’s and intakes can also confuse the child on who or what he or she really is.

If a person is born with both male and female parts, I believe the best way for that person to know their sex is based on who they are more sexually attractive too. So a person born with both male and female parts should not decide on if he is a he or she a she, untill they have started having sexual intercourse. Their preference on male or female will determine the sex that they should choose and stick with for themselves. The hard part is that not everyone would have sex with someone that has both male and female parts. But I still believe the person should wait it out until they find someone to have intercourse with. Sadly they would have to have sexual intercourse with both a male and female to fully decide on what he or she is. Most might just give up and pick a gender. This should be the only person that is allowed to choose who they are if they do not want to go through the burdens of trying to find people to have intercourse with.

I love everyone…. boy, girl and transgender. This article is not to tear down any transgender person nor is it to be compared to by a boy or girl. Everyone is equal, do not matter your choices or mistakes in life. We are all here to learn and to figure out how to be better to and for each other.

This article in conclusion only exist based on the world being on opposite sides on if someone can really be born something that they are not supposed to be. This is just my conclusion on how I became a strong women that has masculine tendencies.

Our goal is to be balanced and feel balanced within ourselves. Finding balance can be found by learning and growing into what one can be without having to change or find outside solutions.

If someone is born into one sex but is in love with someone else that is of the same sex as themselves; this would be a different topic and or are not the same topics as transgenders.

Again…. I love everyone. Boy, girl or transgender.


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9 thoughts on “Boy…… Girl…… Transgender. Can One Really Be Born Into The Worng Sex?

  1. RE the “world is crazy”… “by 1On1Wisdom”

    Everyone “knows” the world is crazy (which always “conveniently” means the world/OTHER people, usually the governing authorities, are crazy but not they themselves, of course). Yet no one typically offers an good explanation why that is. Have you ever wondered WHY the world is crazy? How do you explain it intelligently? As a self-titled “1On1Wisdom” human do you have a coherent explanation for the craziness of the world that makes sense (religious fantasies are obviously excluded because they only “make sense” to fantasy lovers but never to truth-seekers)?

    The WHOLE big picture (not just a part of the big picture) that makes up the human condition, that explains the craziness of the world (if you ever genuinely wondered WHY it is that the world is crazy), that describes human conduct over millennia is the hegemony of the 2 married pink elephants in the room and has never been on clearer display than with the deliberate global Covid Scam atrocity — see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” ….

    “2 weeks to flatten the curve has turned into…3 shots to feed your family!” — Unknown

    ““We’re all in this together” is a tribal maxim. Even there, it’s a con, because the tribal leaders use it to enforce loyalty and submission. … The unity of compliance.” — Jon Rappoport, Investigative Journalist

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    1. Hi, so I’ve came to the conclusion that the world is “crazy” because no one person is actually crazy.
      Yes! I said that rite…. No, one person is actually crazy.

      If you are to take a fool and compare him to an intelligent person, you will see and think that the intelligence person will have the upper had over the fool.

      In the unseen world and the physical world, everything is based on our thoughts. What will we think to create, what will be our next move etc etc. In the spiritual aspect once any thoughts are created, it is in the world to last.

      Don’t matter how rite or wrong one is, once in existence it becomes a life of it’s own. Meaning no one person can actually be rite or no one person can actually be wrong.

      It just gives a illusion to use that we are all on different walks of life or that there is a wrong side or a bad side of life.

      Nothing is truly bad until the final end of our race. Meaning as long as we have the power of our thoughts, we can shift the energy of the world. Thinking, creating and doing good to balance out the scale of life.

      The world seems crazy because we are separating ourselves from each other by thinking and picking a good or bad side. We should be coming together to help teach, heal and love each other. Instead we pin point, blame or separate ourselves from one another.

      The closer we are as a human race, the less crazy and better it will be for all things that already exists and to the things that will soon exists. We are capable of both good or bad and we are also all capable of choosing good.

      A person only does what he or she see’s fit for themselves. Meaning a person would do anything to feel happiness or love. Even if it is at the expense of others. It’s enough joy and happiness in the world for all so that one can stop doing wrong or having to be forced into doing wrong for a feeling of gratification.

      When we are apart, we are being stingy and dividing everything amounts ourselves. Including keeping our love or happiness only exclusive to us instead of sharing it with others. When we are together, we can better share our love and happiness to those that do not have it, that way no one would feel the need to do wrong.

      With great work and determination, we will sooner than later be a normal world over a crazy one.


  2. It’s more than just feeling like the opposite gender, such as a girl preferring toy guns over dolls. It’s having the brain of the other gender. This girl who grows up knows she’s a male. Her whole thinking pattern is male.. She loves a woman the way that a man does as opposed lesbianism. Shes not a tomboy who just grows out of it

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    1. What one feel is what one begins to think and what one begins to think is what one begins to feel. One does not stand alone.
      To begin to think of something other than what one truly is, is a form of mental illness, depression or improper guidance. The mind can easily be led a stray this is why we also have feelings which is supposed to indicate to the mind if one is on the wrong path. Some do not know how to use this guidance.

      If one cannot distinguish the difference of what they feel and think it is because it knows no better. This is why it is important to adapt in being able to retrain the mind if it goes off course so that one can begin to feel what they think and to think what they feel.

      To feel and think one way and to know that it is not that way and to stay that way is a form of not knowing how to advance and a form of not knowing how to properly tame the mind of what it should be instead of letting it run freely in the wrong direction. So if proper work is not done on the mind the thinking processed will always be rewired, which does not make it write or wrong.

      What makes it wrong is that some put in work to grown into what they should be and some just accepts their thinking without putting in work to change but instead to stay the same. The ones that puts in work like me are discredited by people like you based on your comment that it’s not just based on feelings like how I chose you guys over dolls etc etc. And that it’s their whole thinking pattern. Apparently you didn’t tie in that actions is a must over preference. Like how I acted like a boy also. To act like a boy is to think like a boy. So not sure why Yu think this post is about my feelings ans not also my thinking. Thinking and feelings are together. None stands without the other.


      1. I marvel at the studies done where very young children who are just being themselves and put in a room with certain toys. How there is one child in this group that gravitates to the opposite side of the room where the opposite gender is playing and this one child (female) prefers the trucks over dolls. Later in life they are diagnosed as transgender

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      2. Yes, they are diagnosed as transgenders Bec they didn’t realized that they were supposed to balance the boy girl feeling and thinking, instead of running with what they think.

        If one is a certain sex but is drawn to another, they have to balance their thinking into learning and growing into what they should be or what they do not know how to be.

        It’s about learning how to feel and think balanced inside one body with masculine and feminine traits that overpowers the other and not trying to over power oneself or body by choosing the opposite sex.

        Some do not know that they are supposed to fight this feeling or thinking of imbalance Bec it is the only thinking they know. Because of this to some it is normal. Hopefully one day, people outside of the transgender community will see that, this is not properly being looked into and that proper training and growing of the mind is important to treat this way of thinking and or feeling/ condition in the transgender community.

        One cannot learn or know how to feel or think without proper guidelines of knowing how to fight and tame these urges. If one do not know the urges or supposed to be fought then it becomes a condition of being normal.
        To the ones that are not transgender, they will not know how to properly help people with this condition, thinking it is normal and guiding one to believe they are indeed in the wrong body instead of teaching them how to grow into what they do not yet think and or feel.


      3. Everything begins in the brain. What you think you are is what you begin to feel and do. Thinking what one is and doing, are connected to the brain. This is why one has to learn and think his way out into matching the body. A brain is a brain. No one has a different brain.

        There are no such thing as a male brain or a female brain other than the difference of size and or shape . The brains are wired differently in to how one thinks, feels and or acts giving the illusion that men and women have different brains. The brain is not connected to sexual identity. The brain is connected to the entire body. Sometimes not matching the identity of the body, which creates the in-between genders.

        I’ve contradicted myself in saying that the brain is not connected to sexuality bec you said that sexual identity begins in the brain and that is true. Which means that your brain has to have thought of the sex of the body while creating the sexual identity. Which means that the brain already identified the sexually identity before the organism was created or while in process… so then why did the brain switch sexual identity after it was created?….. My guess, confusion and mis guidance or not knowing how to balance the brain which is still proving my side.


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