How To Gain Real Power And Wealth Over The World And The Government 🌍

It’s money they say! Everyone knows this. Money makes the world go around. Without money we cannot reach far without having to put in extra efforts. Most of the problems we have in society are from the cause of money.

If one had nothing but money he can get far. But money is for the people or government and not the world. Money will make the people suffer and destroy the world.

The real power and wealth is found in food. It is in the agriculture businesses. If the government wants to take over all people and rights at this moment, nothing would save us. Money would not do us any good if the government was to destroy us and all foods. Life cannot be recreated from money and we cannot be sustained through money.

If the government was to force everyone into a tighter or smaller bubble by taking away all rights all freedom and everything, if a man has food and seeds to grow he can hide away and sustain himself through food for years. He can take the seeds to break other people or animals free because he can sustain them through feeding them and healing them. He cannot use money to break them free if all things is taking away from his control including the control of food and money.

He does not have to worry much about water unless they find a way to make the rain stop. If they find a way to stop the rain from falling then we are fucked, until then the only way to beat the government is not by trying to find ways to gain more money, it is not by investing in stocks etc etc. It is actually by collecting seeds to prepare for the world so that we can regrow and restart civilization elsewhere.

Money cannot sustain us or the world. The only thing that can sustain the world is by keeping it healthy by taking seeds and planting everywhere making it hard for the government to destroy foods and plants. If we sustain the world it will always sustain us.

We need to start collecting seeds and store it away because we do not know what could happen in the future. The only way to beat the government is through agriculture. Any plans that they have to destroy us will fail once we have food and medicine plants. A man could rebuild any and everything from seeds but he cannot rebuild anything by just money.

Money is a distraction to keep us distracted while the world is being destroyed. Once the world is destroyed it cannot sustain us so we too will be destroyed. The only way to make sure no one destroys us and the only chance that we would ever have to fight for our freedom from the government and to really restart this world is to start collecting a lot of foods that could be regrown. That way we could sustain life so that it does not end by the hands of the government.

The man with the most seeds or the man that has seeds is the man that has the most power in the world. It is not the man with the most money but the man that can have so much Wealth that he can break his people free from the clutches of disaster using seeds.


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10 thoughts on “How To Gain Real Power And Wealth Over The World And The Government 🌍

    1. I would say food over money for now but to get out of poverty I say money is what you make it in the long run.

      A person can go outside and use something as simple as a leaf and add value to it.
      The thing with a leaf is that it can be found any and everywhere so there will be no true value, other than it being easy to break etc etc.

      Any poor person can come up with a new value and money system breaking free from what we know as the typical money to make it easier to access but also a higher value.

      There are many natural things one can think of to create a new type of money. Putting talent into something that will eventually have value. It would only be used amounts them since the world would not accept it.

      The world would see that overtime these people are living good and have a new type of money that has value to them but higher than what exist outside of them. By the time that happens the value would be so high amount the lower class to the point that it will be the new money and the world would have no choice but to accept it.

      Everyone goes where there is value. So if one cannot reach the value the only way to get there is to create the value amounts themselves.

      What do you think is more needed…. Money or food?


  1. this is a great post and truth that equates to real power! I often asked people if I had 36 case of bottle water and you had a million dollars in the desert, who is richer. Who will survive? Natural resources and now I will add food/seeds to my mindset. Thank you for this insightful share

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