Something Magical Happened When Someone Told Me To Smile Today As The Sun Was Rising

As Soon As I Smiled The Entire Sky Lite Up. Also this morning I have figured out exactly who God is. I know how life has started. I know how creation has started. I know how God has started. I know what God is. I know the one thing in this world that creates every other thing. I know the reason why God is described to be here, there and everywhere at the same time. The reason why he cannot be described as a single thing. I know what is life and what is the Soul. I know the unseen link to all of us. The answer that we were searching for was right in front of us.

My next post would be the answer. This answer will come to you at a price. This price is that after you have read the answer, you have to pick three random people and you have to do an act of kindness onto them. I prefer people that have nobody else, people that are sad and hurting.

If anyone reads the answer and do not give back what I have given to them, then life would make sure that three things you want would not be giving to you until you fulfill my wishes. By then instead of three people you would have to bless nine people. 3 * 3 * another 3, multiplying the number by itself.

I am very confident in my answer. I know exactly why God said that we are not supposed to want or do bad to anyone else, including ourselves. He always say… hurting others is like hurting yourself and wishing bad on them is like wishing bad on yourself. Who knew all of this is 100% right. Everything in existence literally is one from one.

Be prepared to receive my Answer tomorrow. Do enjoy the rest of your day. Until next time peace love and light.


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