Let Us Talk About Angel’s……. My Perspectives On Good And Evil Has Changed After The Universe Showed Me Something, That Made Me Think….. Please Read To The Very End, I Hope You Will Not Regret It.

I was scrolling through Facebook a few nights ago when I saw a post saying: Let’s Be Real And Talk About What Angel’s Really Look Like.

And then this is what was one of the many comments under that post: There are different levels of angels you’ll never see these kinds.. However the human ones are real they are your guardian Angels. Those N the picture wouldn’t even be called A Angel but some other word… Angels are not the beauty we see, but are very unique. That Angels are beautiful shit is out the door, that’s why they lead with “Fear me not” if they show they true form our human made instinct is to be scared.

I was then thinking about how almost the whole blogging community are posting about the coming of the antichrist, trying to make sense of everything.

Most of my blogging I tend to associate evil with bad and the devil. And good with Angel’s and good people etc. I then started to think why would the information I receive about evil or a no believer of God, come willing from evil on doing good?

I knew something was missing so I wondered until something popped up. I then thought, what if the same things I am connecting through in the light, are the same things I am connecting through in the dark?

I normally connect with bad through the dark and good through the light. Basically sending my soul in Places that is unknown to me, to receive the answers that I so desire. I am in the stage of trying to embrace all don’t matter how scared I am. I know without fare I can speed up my journey but everything has to be done in a rite manner so as to not fail.

I never thought of them being the same things because I normally go through my Angel’s and Ascended Masters when dealing with the light. They send me signs that they approved of me tapping into the darkness when I start feeling fear and questioning myself about going through the dark to find answers that I am in search of.

This is what keeps me going, they do. I never realized, until I saw that post on Facebook that the things that I have seen as scary can be Angel’s and not of evil. So to me when I associated ugly with evil, I get a different perspective. It is not me failing because through all perspectives the whole picture would be painted.

When I thought it was evil that gaved me the information about the Devil’s wanting to change, I was worng. It was the same ones I connected with through the light.

But how can that be, if I specifically tapped into something else? How did I end up in the same spot? I ended up in the same spot because their is a difference between good and evil. The only difference is that we divide it. This is the work of the antichrist.

If you look at an Angel you would see that though they are very high functioning beings, they also function low. Not as in low as we know it as being evil but as in low being high. Sounds crazy rite? What I mean is that their is a low part to their high functions.

They feel sad like us. They make mistakes like us. They want things like us, which subjects them to pain. They have lows just like we do, except they function so high that it balances their lows.

We are already at a lower level, so when we do bad it makes us more low and feel evil. This is why we view good and bad as two different sides. We think that if we are good, no bad should be done by us or to us. And if evil is around, we should abandon it.

Then there are Angel’s, they are on a energy level that we are striving for. We do not see that we are judging things to harshly. If an Angel makes a mistake he or she isn’t evil. We are all capable of being saved.

Us dividing good and evil is not of our doings. We think of the Devil as the Antichrist. That the bad people are the antichrist. I think this is what the antichrist was trying to make us think. To fool us and make us divided from the rest of ourselves.

This way don’t matter how hard we fight, we will not functioning at our highest if we do not become one with evil. We have to learn that the evil things that are in our head isn’t all ours, and that it doesn’t mean it is of the antichrist. It is the other parts of us, calling us to become one with all of it and not to divide ourselves.

The antichrist is not you or I nor the devil, don’t matter how much evil we do and did. We are confused and still learning as to what happened to us, where we need to go and how to get there.

You and I did not make this world divided. Nor did any evil human or satan did. It was all the antichrist himself. He placed views and rules that we should so call follow. He has brainwashed us far more than we think so that we can look in the worng direction.

Satan isn’t the antichrist. So what if what he did was great evil and disobeyed God. What evil did he do? Is it something that me and you are capable of?

We all have lows to our high and that happened to be satans low, making him into a falling Angel. How do I know he isn’t the antichrist? Because he knew God at a personal level. He know everything that God is capable of so why wouldn’t he believe.

We all are the same shit, it’s something else that is dividing us. Someone that is tricking us to go against ourselves. They want us to separate from the devil because he is the one that will tell us who the real antichrist is. He knows who it is.

We are looking in the wrong direction. Religion was created to help us look in the wrong direction. To only look at the good but our evil is what will defend who we are. What we consider as evil is wrong because we are being brain washed. We only do evil because of the little that we are giving. We do evil because the things we do not have and want. If we have everything we want and need, evil will not be of us.

From a young age they feed us with everything wrong so to keep us unaware of who they are. It is not you and not I. It is not him, satan…… it is something else.

If an Angel has to protect us, they will do any and everything, this shows we will soon have to fight. The antichrist wants us to be weak to make the wrong choices. We should not listening. He placed himself amounts us so that you and I can think it’s eachother and divide ourselves.

It is not the government or the people or the money, the antichrist made these people do these things by giving then certain things. They are the one’s that made up the difference between good and bad. They are the ones that tell us to forgive our enemies. In reality we have to only fogive those of love.

Yes I said love…. I know love is not supposed to cause pain but like I say this is where our low comes in. At our low we make mistakes, that deserves to be forgiven. The enemies are different. Good and evil is real but not for us or amounts us. It is for the Antichrist. Do you now see what he did to us? We do not function at good or Evil but at high or low.

The difference is that we are all from a good nature and the antichrist is from and evil nature. That is what is good and evil. Not us, not you not me, not anything that was once of the light. Everything that is or was once of the light is a believer. They might function low or against the rest but it is still apart of one. It is a believer because it onced believed.

The antichrist wants us to think the opposite so that we do not be as strong. If we get all the parts of us back, we will be undefeated. We are weak and are not ready. We need to get ready fast. We have to be 10 times ahead even though we do not know much and still live in fear.

We are cable of figuring this out. We have to get all of us. We have to be unstoppable. The antichrist has been here on this Earth my entire life. I know the difference between good and evil and when I saw this world, at 5 years old I knew my fellow beings needed love and to be saved. I knew something was worng. This is why I promised to love and save the world from this thing. I didn’t know other’s would be in this fight also because I was so young. All I knew is that the world needed someone to fight for them. I have always felt the energy of the antichrist.

We do not know what the real fight is about but we need to change. When I connected with the dark the angels gaved me what I need on evil because it was only through the dark where they function low. The dark allowed them to be weak, to beg instead of always giving, to feel great evilness and to be raw etc. This is why they said I would find the answers using my heart.

I didn’t have to give up my heart to the devil to change his ways and for the key to immortality to unlock and heal all souls. It was them telling me I would find the answers in my heart. I remembered in that session a few months back that, I asked how can I get the devil to give up the key to heal and unlock all souls and they said by using my heart.

I then went on an posted on here that I believe it’s because he needs to be transformed in the human world and not the Spiritual World since his actions was done in the physical. So I thought it was him needing a physical heart. Etc

Now my Perspectives has changed, they were telling me that my love is so great for my fellow beings that using my heart I will find the answers.

So now I know to see an angels weak and low side, we have to connect with the dark. To see their good and strong sides we have to connect with the light. We cannot choose a side. Choosing sides is what the antichrist did to keep us from gathering as much information as we need for this fight.

The Covid-19, the great Plague, all diseases and everything that we could ever think about that’s been killing the world is not the government…. it’s the Antichrist amongst the government. The fear that we have against the darkness it’s not because of the devil…… it’s because of the Antichrist. They make all these diseases they kill us off they make us think it’s humans and vaccines and other people when it’s all done by them and they put it amongst us the human race so that we could fight amongst ourselves. Money, happiness…… no the real fight is for our Soul’s. They pick whether we live or whether we die, they can show up in any instant, I don’t know why they have not attacked us yet but I do wonder.

There’s a reason why they have been preparing and could not attack us…. something that is great, is putting a stop to it and protecting us until we can figure this s*** out and protect ourselves. Yes we have time because of this but we do not have much longer. The time limit to the end is almost here.

The longer we sit and fear, the longer we sit divided, the longer we blame each other, the longer we sit and draw a line between Good and Evil is the more time that they’re fighting what we cannot see. What we do not see is the reason why we’re still untouched. Just because we cannot see it, doesn’t mean that it’s not tired, it doesn’t mean that it’s not getting weaker, it doesn’t mean that it’s always going to have the energy to protect us. Resources can and will run out.

The only resources that should not run out is the resources of the world. Our job is to protect and save the world, it is said if we replenish and feed the Earth it will give us everything that we need.

The antichrist is the one saying that there should be a limit of people on the world because the more limited we are the more space they could pick up. They could have more businesses and more money and they could build more things and do all these great things while we’re limited. This is why they say the world should be limited to a certain number of people. So that when others are dying we will say it is good for the world.

The more space we pick up the less they have to grow, they wouldn’t have so many businesses, they wouldn’t have roads,they wouldn’t have anything that is picking up unnecessary space and they wouldn’t have control.

God will not put us here and say be fruitful and multiply. He wouldn’t be mad that two women are together or that two men are together. He will just say, okay well you know what….. they wouldn’t have kids so the limit of the world would not go crazy.

God would not go that crazy if we’re not supposed to multiply in great abundance. If we barely know who we are…. how do we have information on all these chemicals and things? Yeah yeah yeah, I know that our ancestors passed down these wisdom to us but how do we really know that our wisdom is from them? What if they got it from the antichrist? These chemicals and things are killing us and with the rite amount of knowledge it can kill slowly on a higher mass of people, instead of fastly at fewer people.

We know exactly how much to use so we do not die instantly. So did we just go around testing different limits and who didn’t die, we knew that, that’s the limit to not pass? Yes some did this but most of these wisdom is from the antichrist themselves. Everything was put out here by the antichrist and we have always taught it was from one of us. Yes we got brainwashed, yes we do evil but we are not the antichirst.

We have to master our highs and lows that way we can gain great wisdom, so that when we are confused, we can start from nothing and still find our way.

Things are moving fast for a reason, they are getting stronger and almost ready to attack…. Guy’s everything seen and unseen is depending on us to fit in with it. We have to stop being divided.

Yes Angel’s will show up looking like things and not objects. Things we don’t know or cannot explain. Yes they will frightening us if they show up how they really want to but it’s a reason why they cannot show up how they want to. Because they do not want to scare us from the darkness, they want us to learn to master it because after all what we will be fighting is evil.

Yes I’m sure some Angel’s do things that God does not approved of or are in his eyes wrong but this is what we are. We should not fight who we are. We should not judge one another and fight amounts ourselves.

We need to help everyone do more good than bad. We need to love eachother. Hold on to each other. We have to fight for eachother. We have to fight for ourselves. We cannot separate. If we separate we will be defeated.

I think the fastest way to spot the antichrist amounts us, is to embrace eachother and try to only bring out the good. Stand with all that we are and who we are. Start working to save the planet. Change our system of the government and make our own system.

Take out all these chemicals and all these things that are killing us, it is what has always kept us at a low vibration. We have to go back to what we really should be doing. These chemicals and these things is what they used to control us while they’re not here. We have no choice but to stop everything in life that we know it as and do a total change of everything in our ways. When we take all of us and go against all we know, we would see who is the one doing this to us.

If we only take the good part of us one way, we would never know who the antichrist is because our lows or as we know or bads is amounts the antichrist. If we take all of our good and bad and go against everything we have ever know and taught then we would see it.

The only reason why they’re winning this fight is because we do not know what it is or who it is. We can lose to a fight that we had not started fighting. The only chance to win a fight is if you are in it. The only way for this fight to start is if we know what and who it is. As long as we do not see it…. it will fight us until we are defeated.

So the question to us wondering when is this war going to come or why is it taking so long, the war is already here. I know that it was here my entire life, I cannot imagine how long it has been going on for.

By the time we see it I hope we will be prepared, even if one person is prepared we are all prepared. I do believe that if one person can figure it out and fight alone, it can save us all. The same way one person’s love (Jesus) can save the world… is the same way any one person can do the same.

I believe this because if we are all apart of one and when we change and fix ourselves, on the insides we can become stronger. Learning how to be one with all on the insides, then with one body one Soul can channel other Souls. . It does not matter how much we are multiplied in the body as long as we are one is the soul. Not everyone would be aware of this war and not everyone would have to fight as hard, once we are all one in the soul, we will have all that we will ever need.

The body is just to help divide us. We can become one from the inside. This is why the antichrist is trying hard to get into our bodies. But know this, we will rise and soon we will see the antichrist because he will be seen by us. Once he is seen there will be a war. The war that will dictate if we win or lose. To what really I do not know. What are we really winning etc… I’m still trying to make sense of it all in my world.

So yes, what we think as Evil will have to be done to save not only ourselves but everything that depends on us. The trick is to not fight amounts ourselves but to fight them. Let us embrace our evil, let us learn it, love it and master it. We have to control all things making it into one where we hurt nothing but the things that should be hurt.

The things that should be hurt has never onced believed in God and satan once believed in God because he was an Angel so I do not believe it is him. This is why God needs us to learn the devil. To be a good friend to him and help him change his ways. All things that once believed can be saved. The greater our numbers in soul, the more powerful we are. Apart… we are powerful but together we are untouchable and unstoppable.

While coming out of this war, we have to come out with many of us and not few. We have to get all of us out because this is what deserves a second chance to see the light.

The antichrist would start off to look like me or you but when he is exposed he will change into something completely different. For now he is one of us so that we can keep on looking in the wrong directions until it is to late.

If someone does worng to others but do rite by you, do not push them away. If a murderer comes to you for your friendship, be a great friend. If a thief wants of your time give it to him. Sounds crazy but I am a friend to any and all under one condition……. Do not do wrong by me and do not try to change me.

I know people that do evil but yet around me they are nice. They seem to do more good by me than they usually will do. I believe that if someone can make an effort to be good to you, do not stop it because that may be the only good thing that they will contribute to the world.

A person can do everything worng and decided that…. With you, they will do differently. They will still talk of their evil ways, mostly when they are upset but they will respect you and listen to your ways also. They will help you without you having to ask…. they will even protect you.

We all do what we do because of a lack of something we want. We have to understand that some may need our help to do good. We can occupy their time which will take up more space from their lives from doing evil. Once trust is form, they will start running to you to show them other ways to avoid doing wrong. The more you expose them to love and kindness, the more they will see and know that they like the feeling and want more of it. So to you they will turn and to you they will protect. And in you, so to would others be saved from torture.

We are not to separate but to come closer together. We have to heal eachother and learn why we do the bad things we do. Only when we learn evil can we change it for the better.

Something and someone truly evil will not want to be around a good person or someone that speaks their minds openly to them. Think about it, why would someone evil want to be around something good. Its our responsibility to be there for eachother. The antichrist did this to us and together we will figure it out. Our sins has been paid for so we do not have to worry about being judged by God if we save our evil beings. They are apart of our creation. They are us and they to deserve out love and respect.

Judging them is for God to do. We didn’t make them so we cannot judge them. What we can do is see that they are our lows or weaker sides and need us to give them a second chance to be saved.

For myself the main thing that is blocking the antichrist from me knowing who it is, is fear. My fear of the darkness and my fear of things that I do not know and looks creepy.

I asked If they can tell me who the antichrist is… Even though I am full with fear, they did not deny me of this answer. They said are You sure you are ready? And I asked myself if I am ready and immediately said no because I know once I know who it is there will be a war. Once anyone of us figure out who it is, this will be the greatest war in all of our history. I am still filled with fear and am not ready to find this answer so I said no and left it as that.

I need to be fearless of all and gain more wisdom before I can allow myself to go in search of who the antichrist is. We will all witness the same war, but our roles in this war is what we individually need to be prepared for. Time is almost up. They will be revealed and we will be ready. You need to prepare yourself. Go find the most Evil and see what good you can make it contribute, if it contributes anything good and can keep on doing good while still doing worng, it is not the antichrist, it is Someone that needs to be saved.


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13 thoughts on “Let Us Talk About Angel’s……. My Perspectives On Good And Evil Has Changed After The Universe Showed Me Something, That Made Me Think….. Please Read To The Very End, I Hope You Will Not Regret It.

  1. Thank you for sharing!… life is complicated so I rarely use labels, but rather observe with a open mind (not a closed ideology) and deal with life accordingly…. here on the path there is no good or evil but it is what it is… “I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.” (Gerry Spence)… 🙂

    Hope all is well in your part of the universe and until we meet again..
    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life’s passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours!
    (Irish Saying)

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  2. I have to ponder about similar messages as I just recently wrote about angels too and even ordered an angel Oracle deck. I also had the most unique experience between masculine and feminine energy within the body, scheduled in a post layer today. Between your words and mine, the energy shift and the new world portal opening on the 14th, I believe those of us, awakened and ready are picking up on the vibrations and the energy update. The end of the world, the new world to me is not in the sense of the antichrist coming or the world physically coming to an end, but us reaching a point, being reborn into our own set of values and guidelines, marching to our own drumbeat, letting that that no longer serves us die and fall away from us.
    Grata post gorgeous. ❤️

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank You! I will definitely check out your post in a few. I am still trying to figure out what the new world means to me but I absolutely agree with your version. Hopefully you get your cards before the 14th. I normally get messages on certain days. For instance on Dec 3rd I knew I was going to get a message Bec December is 12 n then the 3 would be 123. Plus I started thinking about it around 3.33am So for sure around or on the 14th you sound be on the lookout for a message. It’s so crazy how they work on specific times.

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