Meditating In The Bath And I Started Thinking…. Dark Or Light. In Which One Is The Most Beneficial To Humans? Where Can You Find The True Meaning Of Greatfullness, Joy And Pleasure At The Same Time?

In the dark of course! Some would first think that the answer should be the light because light is associated with beautiful and great things.

That would be rite but like the dark carries light, so too do the light carry dark. In the light, we slowly begin to become ungrateful. We forget how hard it is to work for things. This makes us forget to say thank you for the things that we are given.

Everything becomes consistent to us, slowly fading away in the background. They will pop up here and there but it’s value to us has decreased dramatically.

On the other hand, in the dark you have to fight really hard and look really close for things. When one receives these things, we’ll remember the emotions it took us to get there.

We will see the full beauty of things whereas it easily coming to us. When things come easily to us we tend to skip past certain details. As soon as another comes along the new one becomes old. And so the cycle continues.

In the dark it’s hard to see things, this forces us to look closer so that we have no choice but to not miss anything about it. When we know the details of it, we will become more aware of its importance and beauty. We will begin to strive for fewer things, than many. In those few things we will find pleasure, also joy and gratefulness.

In the light we will just be saying we’re grateful because we know we have to be. Honestly most of the times, we tend to forget to say thank you. And most of the times when we do say thank you, it can be a whole lot more meaningful.

Is this why the rich likes to have so many things and keep on accumulating things? Claiming that they find Joy it in. But do they really or are they just saying that? I think they’re just saying that because if something truly brings you Joy, you would not want to replace it.

The Joys are in the little details. If one does not look at the little details then he cannot truly be happy, truly grateful nor do he find real pleasure in it.

So the answer to my own question is that, the human race can best strive through darkness rather over light. We tend to like to get burn to learn, so it is in that way we shall learn….. Through the darkness, into the light.

When we find the true meaning of joy and we begin to share it with other’s, that is when the real meaning of caring arrives. You cannot truly care for someone if the things you give or share with them you are not truly greatful for. If you are not greatful for something then joy and pleasure cannot be found.

If any of these are found without the other, it simply doesn’t exist. All your kind acts has long vanished in the thin air. Your emotions was never attached to your kindness, so it simply didn’t happen.

Before one can care for another, first he has to be truly greatful for what he has in his life. He has to find real Joy and pleasure and not just say it, before his seeds begin to grow. This is how love arrives, and so on and so on. To truly live through any emotion, one first has to be greatful for the little he has. He has to be able to find Joy and pleasure in his own life before he shares it with another.

It makes no sense to share something without value. If you do this, there will be no value. You first have to give value to yourself and your life before your can put real value into others and their lives. This is the blessings that the dark gives to us.

**** This Post Is Not About Any Given Objects But About Life In General ****


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14 thoughts on “Meditating In The Bath And I Started Thinking…. Dark Or Light. In Which One Is The Most Beneficial To Humans? Where Can You Find The True Meaning Of Greatfullness, Joy And Pleasure At The Same Time?

  1. This is beautiful and indepth, I enjoyed reading this. Dark is essential for humans to grow and evolve, that’s why we are here on this school planet. Hey, if we never had to face our darkness we might not even be on WordPress sharing our words. Amber 🙏

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    1. Thank You Amber! Glad you enjoyed it. Yes the dark is essential for our growth. Your so rite, I only stumbled upon this idea, going through a dark time. If it wasn’t for that, most likely I would have never thought to get a blog. I wouldn’t even have the courage to write things where other’s can put me in the label of crazy. It gives the sense of empowerment for whatever one chooses to use it for.

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      1. Yes! Darkness is essential for growth… and light. Darkness and light are the same thing ultimately from this world of duality. Darkness and light, ying and yang, are labels we have given to a concept we have created.. the truth is beyond concepts, it just is, darkness is light and light is darkness.

        It does give self empowerment, you are right.

        Don’t worry about being labelled crazy, it is a good thing in a way, you are sane my friend. The truth appears to be back to front these days.. You write wonderfully.

        Love to you and enjoy your day. Amber 😘🙏

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  2. Thank you for sharing!.. while there may be a few dark days, I will always choose the light.. 🙂

    Hope all is well and until we meet again,
    May the sun shine all day long
    Everything go right, nothing go wrong
    May those you love bring love back to you
    And may all the wishes you wish come true
    (Irish Saying)

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    1. Light always overcome darkness, we do meditate for inner peace and healing so we renew our mind. Meditating is a great way to control your mind peacefully and create inner healing. I did watch this YouTube channel, OMG it was the beginning of me having a beautiful nature sound connection and a relaxing sleep. note: I do practice Spiritual and Visualization meditation. YouTube link channel below.


  3. An interesting perspective of darkness and light. Humanity is currently facing some very dark times. Here’s hoping that this will force us to question the world we have created for ourselves and work to make it a better place for all of Earth’s inhabitants.

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