Finding Peace In The Dark….

Ever since I was a little kid, I would find peace in the dark. I got so happy when nights came, because that meant, my misery would stop. My favorite part of the day are the nights.

Don’t matter what bad things happened to me during the day, at nights I was able to run and escape to the dark, before my body went to sleep. I had the chance to ran away from all the pains of the days. A place when I looked forward to and enjoyed alot.

A time where most things were put to rest accept that of evil. A time where we are all hunted by evil, flowing into our dreams, creating nightmares…. I still find peace in running away to the nights.

In there, I can control what happens but on the outsides, it is harder for me to control things. I have to adapt and go with the flow…… but inside, on at nights, I am able to keep the things that are me alive and free.

If light is supposed to bring more good than bad, then why is that the nights are more peaceful than the day? Can we not see that most of us haven’t been surrounded by light as yet. Yes we think we are but we are not. To be surrounded by light is to also feel at peace in the days as well as the nights….. having nothing to be unhappy about.

Do any of you feel at peace with how your days goes by? Or do you wish to achieve and receive more from life? Are you just saying you are at peace to say it?…… Or are you really at peace… Peace.

I feel like everyone has something that they are not happy with. To me, we will only be at peace when everyone has nothing that they are unhappy with. When the days are as peaceful as the nights.

Yes in the Spiritual World, Evil comes out at nights, and so do everything else inside of the living, searching for peace from the days. It looks like the Devil’s has also taken over the days and times. What if this is showing us that we cannot get away from the darkness but we can save it and rise above it.

We are used to finding Peace in the nights, even when we are afraid of the darkness, so who’s to say that we ain’t very familiar with darkness. We know what it is and how to control it, we just have forgotten. How would we remember if we do not try to remember?

The only way to control the darkness is to let it be and rise above it. We cannot stop it or feel sorry for ourselves. We can only live and deal with it, learning the lessons and figuring out how to rise above it too control it.

We have lived so long in darkness, that we cannot escape it. It is apart of us. We cannot just throw parts or forget, parts of our selves out. We have to accept it and control it. We have to rise about all things bad and be able to control bad for the greater good.

If no-one good control bad, then bad will control bad. This is why good has to stop being a pushover and stand TF up. We are not weak so why TF are we acting like it? Why do I have to wake up everyday and go to work on their time when my body is still tired from yesterday’s work?

Why am I working for the government and not the earth? Why do I have to deal with the problems that money create? Why am I not doing things on my time, going out in the world and replenishing it? Why do I have to wake up and work for a company that is adding trash to the world and the air? Why is my job to not save the planet? Why should my job be based on time and not intentions?

Who said my job isn’t to work for the earth? Ok…… so why do they have me in this boat…… no gun or chains on me but yet I wake up everyday and do what they say? If not I will not survive on earth, why is that so. Why am I not free and limitless?

Not enough time to think, and find one’s self. Not even enough time for fun, before we wake up from our little peace again to repeat.

I know I said that I was done for today but my mind started wondering again. Crazy minds, it is hard for me to stop thinking……. Until next time.


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14 thoughts on “Finding Peace In The Dark….

  1. Thank you for sharing!!.. “I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” (Helen Keller)… 🙂

    Hope all is well in your part of the universe and life is all that you wish for it to be!.. 🙂


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