In Life There Are Secret Codes That Can Help Us To Get Back To Our Soul’s Source.

I am amazed as to how much of an art piece life is. Life’s little details is beautifully painted in knowledge as to how we can help to find our way out of the physical body and into our Soul’s Source

When we are Conceived in the stomach, we are surrounded by Amniotic fluid’s. Most of us do not drown in these fluids but we float in it until the day that we are born. What if the sack wasn’t there to stop us from floating, would we have floated above these fluids? Maybe, maybe not.

Upon the arrival of our birth we are then pushed or pulled into a different Gravity called Air. We do not float in the air so it is safe to say that we are currently sunken. As we grow older we get intrigued by Gravity. We find it fun to put things into Water and Air to see if it will sink or float.

We then grow up into Adults and create Airplanes for an example to float in the Air and Submarines to float in the water. We have many, many examples but as you guys should already know, I try to keep it short and to the point to not loose the interest of my readers mid way. This way I’ll have everyone’s attention to the end. Anyways…..

As we were growing up all the negativity in the world and in our world’s began to attached themselves to us, with or without our knowledge. We then began to sink further without us always being fully aware of it. We kept sinking which has lead us to this point we are currently at.

Our goal is too find a way to float to the top of life without things stopped us from going further up. For instance if you have a pond full with Lilies it will be harder for everything else to float above the Lilies. It will be hard for some to rise above and for others it would take Alot of effort to get to the top. After all this, nothing would be able to rise above the water unless the Lilies was out of the way.

My point is that we have to figure out how to float again like we did in the Amniotic fluid but before we figure that out, we first have to remove anything that can trap us while floating to the top, as to not get stuck or sink again. We have to also clear the paths of the one’s that cannot clear it for themselves, this way nothing is left behind.

How can we create something that can clear the energy in us and around us? Something to save the Soul’s of the lost or to even help the rest find their ways easier. I don’t know but I was thinking that when we are born and when we die you will find that our bodies are ridden in something call DMT. DMT can be found in alot of the food’s that we eat, both in plants and animals. It is the substance that helps to creates our dreams and makes us see things that we normally would not see on a daily basis.

There’s a tree called the mimosa plant along with other trees that can create the substance that is then used to create DMT. Some people Smoke it and others drink it as a Tea, while others keep the plant close because of its strong ties to the spiritual world.

Many people have similar experiences in common after using this drug. They all claim to have seen and heard aliens. Being able to see in 3D and everything around them being colorful and beautiful. After coming off of it their views and life has changed without them doing so themselves. It’s many more things but this is just a quick overall about what this drug does. Some people describe it as shrooms but way more intense.

What is the coincidence that upon our birth and death, is when we have the most DMT in our bodies? Throughout our lives this substance gets lesser and lesser unless one eats foods that contains DMT.

DMT is a class A illegal drug. This means that it’s usage is forbidden by law. But yet alcohol and cigarettes are not forbidden by law and that kills us the most. But this DMT drug is protected by law. Is the reason for this to limit how many people can get their hands on it? Is the government using this drug for their advantages because they know that we can use it to our advantage as well.

It is said that everything that is in the human body can be found in the world. Which means that there are a lot of things in the world that can bring us back to ourselves.

Almost 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. And about 0.85% is composed of another five elements: potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium

Can the things that is laying low in and around our bodies be the things that can unlock our Core to float again. I wonder if it will work…. to use the DMT substance along with a few other substances to create some type of Metal Object. An object that will clear the negative Energies in us and around us, freeing our paths. Maybe some Amniotic fluid’s in there since that is what helps to create life, I don’t know, crazy maybe. We can go out into the world and find everything that is in our bodies and put it together creating an object of some sort.

We have all these fast car’s and fancy phone’s but yet we do not have alot of complex objects for the use of the Soul. Yes we have Herb’s and oils, a few objects to help with the alignment but I’m sure we can use the physical world more to our advantage in creating some more complex things for the Soul’s advantage. A Object that can open up a energy gateway or something that can remove all obstacles from any path that can be used on any Soul would put the spiritual world on a new level.

Our dreams to reach new heights didn’t just come from anything, it followed us into this life. It is hard wired into us. We made the impossible, possible in the physical world, now it’s time that we make the impossible, possible in the spiritual world.

It’s so many things out in the universe just waiting to be discovered, we just have to be willing to discover it. We floated all the way up to the moon and beyond because it is our Soul’s Journey to Float above the physical world.

That’s it for today, Remember that you are created from love, meaning that you are nothing but love and that you are loved. Be kind and pass this love on to your fellow beings and creations of the world. Until next time my fellow beings.


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