Do not give up on your hopes and dreams. Just because you have made many wrong moves, doesn’t mean that you will not end up in the right places. One right move can put you on your part as if your mistakes never happened.

It is through our mistakes where we will find the right answers to our problems. Our mistakes is what makes us stronger, forcing one to blossom into something unexpectedly.

Our mistakes, is what makes us push harder, without them one would always be content, wanting to change nothing about them or around them.

Learning from our bad moments and mistakes is important because through this is where we will find our purposes in life. Our mistakes is what teachers us the best lessons life has to offer. Gaining wisdom creates and causes pain but In the end you will achieve more than if you didn’t choose to go through the pains.

Our mistakes shows us how to love, have compassion and be at peace with each other and everything that is in us and around us. When we hurt or cause pain to other’s, we know what not to do to other’s and ourselves. Be the sunshine to all those around you for they will too be your sunshine in return.


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