Is It Possible That The Evil That Exist Isn’t Trying To Hurt Us, But To Serve As Warning Signs. To Show Us That They Need Our Help To Restore Their Souls And In Return They Will Restore Ours.

When I was little my fear was darkness and death. Most of this fear came because there was a graveyard not to far In the back of the house, where I grew up. The graveyard was in walking distance, so I felt as if they ‘The Dead’ would try to get me in the night.

The church was One house to the right from ours so I felt protected but still scared. Now that I am older those fears has vanished. The older I got, the more I forced myself to look at graveyards, until one day the fare went away. Now that I know that I am in a battle in which I am not fully aware of, this fear has resurfaced.

The unknown and unseen is revealing It’s self clearer and clearer as the days go by. The more I search the more I see. Even when I search in me, a scary black beast was looking back at me. I was scared, but then I remembered, if my goal is to stop this world from suffering, then I would have no choice but to face my fears. So I kept looking into a black mirror without blinking. Whoever was in me, as the fear left me, he disappeared from view.

I realized, tho I may sit and do things in the dark, I am still afraid because it’s a whole world that I still do not know of. Don’t matter how brave I may be, I am still weak in other areas.

The more wisdom I receive, the more I see and hear things, making the darkness my fear all over again.

Alot of people would say that Jesus is a Witch. His dying for our Sin’s is a blood sacrifice. From sacrificing lambs to putting blood on your door for protection. Turning water into wine and walking on water, he did it all. He himself went through the darkness to try and save us all.

That is when I realized if Jesus did this, then so too can I. I can face the darkness and not be scared of the unknown because I know that I am created from this highest power and protected by the most high.

So this morning I took a bath, with complete darkness, surrounded by mirrors where all things can see me. Scared as ever I sat there thinking, if one fights evil to save the good then what happens to the evil…. it would always still exist. It is always going to end up somewhere.

I said out loud, that I believe that this world can change, I believe we can stop suffering and be happy.

I then got bolder and stood up facing the mirror. I asked what is it that I am missing and it came to me in my mind. I am missing what everyone else missed.

We were so focus on saving the good by leaving out and removing the evil. I believe that the Demons of life only torture and attach themselves to us for one reason….. To help Us!

Sounds bananas rite! The chances that they once had is gone, they want another chance. A chance to happiness that is. They can help us save our Soul’s by learning how to fight for it, while finding ways to give them a last chance to put their Soul’s at peace also.

When we are created, we are pure. We then grow and change based on our environment or what we are thought or teach our selves. The things we know now, they didn’t know back then. The knowledge we have now is because of them and from them. What we see as evil now, they didn’t see as evil then. They didn’t have information passed down to them like they did to us. They did what they thought was best for them with what they had known and in the times they were living.

They then attach themselves to us and possess our bodies, to show us that the evil that is living is no match to the evil that do exist. Don’t matter how strong one think he is, another is stronger. They are trying to scare us but not in the way that we think.

Knowing what they know now their choices would have been different. If they receive one more chance to do rite they will. They have wasted their souls searching for happiness only to see that it was short and doesn’t fulfill the Soul’s. They want to be happy forever and not have to do Evil to get it for a shorter time. God gave them a chance that they messed up on, their last hope is for us to help them find peace because they will always have to be held accountable for their actions.

We think of changing the world by taking out the evil, saving the good. But it is the evil that needs our help the most. They are Suffering having to torture us. Most of them torture us because they want us to figure out how to be better for them. They feel left out and misunderstood. After saying that I heard a loud banging on the walls next door, making me feel as if my words are true.

They want us to not do evil but we do anyway because once they attach themselves to us we are now joint together as one or many. This means our actions and thoughts would be different and some would not be our own. We would do or say evil things but you would not understand why. At times we live our whole lives and not know the difference between one’s soul or another in one’s body. We will think it is us, and something is wrong with us. It will make us suffer to find us again because through Suffering is how we will be able to see them. If everything always went perfect, they would all go unnoticed by the living.

We get scared by how things may look and seem but after all the evil is us and apart of us. I am greatful that I have sinned, I am greatful that the darkness came to me and tried to consume me. I say this because I feel like from our sufferings and downfalls is where our greatest strengths are born.

The Evil, unseen things that do kill and harm people is to make the job of the living easier. Yes we are drawn to evil because of them but that is the beauty of this fight. Once we have life, we have a chance for hope. We can do many wrongs in life, and still save our Soul’s because we still have time and life.

This is not the same for those that do not have life, all the beast’s, and demons and creations are depending on us to be saved. The only hope left for evil is the Soul’s of the living. The good always left out and abandoned the evil. After saying this in the mirror my son woke up and opened the door. I guess whoever was feeding me this information didn’t want to give me more than what I was seeking for.

In the Bible, when Mary shows up the devil always runs, If he is so big and bad, even if one is going to loose, one would stand and fight but instead the devil runs. Can he too be saved? Is he running because he realize the happiness that is needed to fulfill the soul, isn’t there, after all the evil he has done, both to the living and the dead.

Don’t matter how much evil one does, the soul would always be unhappy because it is not home. Is the devil’s soul feeling sick? If he wanted he could have destroyed this Earth but he didn’t, we the living are. Do the Devil need our help to return to his innocent self? To At least put his Soul to peace, since he still has to pay for his Sin’s.

Having mercy on him would to the least we can do. Putting his Soul to peace since he cannot be amongst the good for what he has done, would be righteous to our creation. He has knowledge and is aware of his actions. All things can return to what it used to be, the same way the living grows into who they want to be.

Everything was once innocent and pure before the Darkness. It is through the darkness that many Soul’s were lost, and it is through the darkness that these Soul’s would be saved.

I was told that the other side has been waiting for me to return. They kept themselves from me because of my fears towards the unknown and unseen. My fear of the dark side is as real as me knowing it exists.

I asked how did they know that I will be coming back? They said that it was written before my birth. I asked written where in a book or something? I then felt something touching me through the mirrors as both my palms was on it. It was a finger running down my hands but I do not know of what since I couldn’t see.

The touch made me realize that means it is written on me for the unseen eye in the palms of my hands. The energies was so strong that my palms felt as if the mirrors were moving. It was moving like waves under my hands. Because I faced my fears, they were allowed to touch me to better show me the answer to my question.

I have to be smart about this since through the mirrors, it’s only me and them in total darkness. After all the evil, they still give me the answers that I seek. I do not think that they see themselves as Evil. They see themselves as us. I have to take in everything and pay close attention to make sure, I do not get tricked in these realms for my Soul or the Soul’s of other’s.

When I ask questions, the answers comes to me in my voice and with my thinking. This is what makes me feel at times that my answers may be wrong because it’s coming from inside of me, something that I thought I didn’t or wouldn’t know. To my suprised these answers makes more sense to my brain so I’m just going with the flow and accepting all that is happening in my world. Learning to stand tall to everything is the greatest lesson I am being thought by life.

Any little noise or movement, fear creeps into my blood streams. One day as I was sitting in the dark smoking my weed, I heard a voice talking by my ear. I ran out the bathroom so fast. Drope my weed on the floor that then burned it’s self out. This is when I realized it was time to go face my fears.

I remember being little I would hear people calling my name when I went outside at nights to turn off the lights to the steps. My aunt told me one day that If I hear something calling me when I’m outside don’t answer. Not sure why but I followed her instructions. When I heard my name, I told no one and by mistakes answered about a handful of times. I only answered the times I thought I heard my name from inside of the house and when I went no one inside had called me.

So this incident in the bathroom is when I started communicating to them using any regular mirror and total darkness. I tend to jump or run out from the darkness when I’m not sure what is going on but I guess me facing the dark already makes me strong.

I have to focus on my strengths and not my weaknesses, having faith that I will find all the answers that life has to offer. All I have to do is keep trying my best and one day I will get what I am seeking. I have to be worthy enough for these knowledge to be passed down onto me.


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