The World Is Waiting On Us To Stand Up And Fight, This World Ends With You.

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I Am You & You Are Me, Do Not Let Them Lie & Tell You Different.

The End Is Almost Here, I Feel It In My Soul. The Day When We Stand As One & Conquer The Darkness Of The Evil, Is Around The Corner.

The Day When We Destroy & Rebuild Is Coming To Us Because We Are Heading Straight To It.

I Do Not Know How But I know We Will Get There Because We Are Currently Heading There.

Don’t Listen To Them When They Say Changing The World Is Impossible, Those Are The Devil’s Word’s In Disguised Which Makes Them Our Enemies.

In My Soul I Feel Something So Big That I Do Not Understand What It Is But What I Do Understand Is That You Are Me & I Am You. Soon We Will Have To Come Together As ONE And Fight.

More Suffering & Pain Will Fall Upon Us due to our differences but It Is What Will Make Us STRONGER.

The Only Way Out Is To Prepare. We Have To Prepare By Coming Together, We Have To Seek knowledge, Gain Skills etc & Soon We Will Have To Fight For Change.

It’s Either We Get Caught Off Guard, Or We Prepare & Conquer. If We Fail, The Years To The End Will Multiple. This Is Why We Have Been Stuck Since The Beginning Of Time.

The Reason Why We Have To Come Together Is Because I Am You. Without You I am nothing. And If You Are Me, Without Me You Are Nothing. This Is Why Together We Are Strongest.

The World Has Made It Their Mission To Keep Us Apart, A New Lifestyle Where We Can Use Technology To Reach Out To Those That Are Normally Unreachable, Can Be To Our Advantage.

This Is Why They Say If We Are Different, We Do Not Belong. We Then Hide Our Unique Selves From The World. But When We Aquire Knowledge We See That We Are All Tiny Pieces Of One. When We Are Apart We Are Different. When We Are Together, We Are Whole & Complete. What I Cannot Do You Can Do, And What You Cannot Do I Can. What You Do Not Know And See I Will, And What I Do Not Know And See, You Will.

I Am You & You Are Me. Aquire & Learn All That You Can Now. Get Rid Of All Your Fears. Stand Up & Be Strong, Even When You Feel Down. Learn To See & Not Fear The Dark. Start Fighting The Demons, Instead Of Them Fighting You. We Have Bigger & Greater Things To Do.

If You Fail, I Fail. If I Fail You Fail. I Don’t Know Why Life Is Like This But We Need Eachother. We Have To Be Strong To Save Eachother. We Are One So We Have To Fight As One.

Evil Has Always Been Here, Maybe It Is Waiting For Us To Come To It. The Fight Has Always Been Here, But The Time We Will Put A Stop To It Is Near Because We Are Heading To It…. Do You Feel It & See It? We Have Always Needed Each Other, This Is Why We Took So Long……. The Time To Prepare Is Here.

I Was Fearful Of The World Thinking That I Am Crazy, To Want To Change This World. I Have Always Been Laughed At And Ridiculed For My Dreams But If I Fail Then You Too Will Fail, This Is What Gives Me Strength. You! You & Your Happiness Has Always Been My Goal. A Promise I Made At 5 Only Got Stronger As The Years Went By.

I Promise That I Would Stop Other’s From Suffering. I Didn’t Want You To Feel Or Go Through The Things That I Have Went Through.

I Had This Dream For Almost 20 Years Now & In 2019 Something Told Me To Show Myself To You The World Because It Was Time To Do So.


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4 thoughts on “The World Is Waiting On Us To Stand Up And Fight, This World Ends With You.

  1. Beautiful picture. You are me and I am you the unification of all. When we learn to embrace the good and bad within all then we would be able to see the change that is needed globally. Everything was placed on this earth to coexist in harmony. The unification of the opposites. You are I and I am you.


  2. May I just say what a comfort to discover someone that actually knows what they are discussing on the net. You actually know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people have to look at this and understand this side of your story. I was surprised that you are not more popular given that you definitely possess the gift.

    Liked by 1 person

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