Have You Ever Heard The Saying: In Life Pain Is Inevitable? To Get To The Beauty In Life You Have To First Go Through Pain And Hard Times? Have You Ever Heard The Wolf Cry? Well Then Read To Find Out My Answer On How We Can Break This Curse.

Let me tell you what I have been thinking about! My answer as to why life is the way we know it as today….. full of pain, forcing us to fight harder for our happiness, for what seem like a fleeting moment in time. We spend more time fighting to attain happiness than actually living through happiness.

You ever heard the saying: Life gives you what you put into it? How about the other two questions in the title? About, in life pain is inevitable. And to get to the beauty of life you first have to go through pain and hard times.

Anything that is brought into existence always stays into existence. If a living thing is too die, the body then rots or is burned making one with the world. If any thought, pain, suffering, happiness, peace is felt, the energies stays in this world. If any object is created, when disposed of or changed from its original form, it is still in existence but in a different form. For example: If a tree is cut down to make paper, the tree no longer is there but it is still there in paper.

Whether buried, or burned, or made into something new, everything stays. This is why I believe life is more painful than pleasure.

Let me better explain! I think that the meaning of life is US. I think this because we are everything. Even when we are gone we will always be apart of everything. We have to break free from this circle of hell, into the life that can better benefit all and not some. Everything is always going to be everything and nothing would always remain nothing.

So many have caused pain to others that didn’t deserve it. We tend to have hard times and not realize that it is because what we have done to others and most importantly ourselves. For the times we have allowed people to treat us less than what we deserved. For the times that we put up with all the pain, from the bad that others had caused because we choose to stay in a place that was harmful to us etc. For the times we knew we deserved much better but we chose others over ourselves. Even the things we do not know that we have caused to go wrong, eventually comes back to us, with or without our knowledge. Something as simple as not doing something properly, not working hard and not taking the time out to do something with proper care can come back to hunt us.

You happen to use the bathroom and the Toilet Paper fell but you were to lazy to pick it up, so you left it there for the next person that comes, that too will come back to you. That person now has to take time out of their life to stop an do something that was an unnecessary mishap to them. Without us knowing, we will have to spend unnecessary times going through unnecessary mishaps or hardships for our every little decisions. Don’t matter how small it may seem, by the time it comes back to us it has already been multiplied. So by the time it gets back to us, it is now a big obstacles waiting in our future paths.

Something as simple as getting frustrated over something can come back to destroy your peace. At work the tape machine kept jamming, I then kept saying I Hate this machine. A few minutes later I almost fell and after that I bumped my leg from my anger with the tape machine. A Co- Worker put a wrong size box on a cabinet, I then pushed down on the box and almost fell while trying to tape it. He knew the size of the box was wrong but he didn’t fix it.

Because of this when I went to tape the box shut there was nothing there so the box caved in from the pressure of my hands almost causing me to fall. If he had taken the time to fix his mistake and if I didn’t put out those negative energies into life none of this would have happen. Yes it may be small but small things eventually will turn big. This is why we should do things rite the first time and not without frustration. This is why we and our feelings should remain neutral so that we do not get affected by the little things that cause us to fall pray to bad things comin or happening in our way.

One way to stop the bad from entering one’s life from another is by doing everything the first time with care and kindness and to the best of your abilities. Do not take shortcuts and do not be useless to others. Allow others to fend and do for themselves. Make sure no-one takes advantage of you but also be the one to step in and pull the dead weight of others when needed.

When the time comes life will be harder than what it was supposed to be simply because we did not take the proper time and action before. Things may just seem to go all wrong for you because you did not put in the time and care needed into every choice that you have chosen. When it comes to how others will treat us, it will be more clumsy and careless than we have originally done to them. We may not see it but we will feel it and experience it.

We also do not know how much evil that has been put into the world before and after our creation, which we still continue to add too in this current moment. So many of us in life has experienced more bad moments that good moments. Our burdens and demons are much bigger than our happy days, always sucking our souls out of our bodies, stripping away all the assets of ones future, making the chances for abundance hard to attain.

We find it easy to sin but hard to stay on the rite path. We are tempted and taken out of our character’s falling prey to the dark side. We do not know what life really is as yet. So the more we sin and do or think bad, we are attaching ourselves to all things bad that already exist. Everything that can go wrong, now will go wrong.

Everything that is meant for us will push itself away as our energies begins to lower. This is what happened to us when we first sinned and continued to sin. We have to change the energy of the world in order to have it work with us instead of fighting to go against us.

When we think of our past or go back in time on the bad that we have been through, the bad is now multiplied. We tend to keep reliving and keep paying for the same pains but in different ways and at different times. When we think of the future, we are creating into existence our own future or a new future from what life had to offer to us. This sounds good but it isn’t! This is because for now we are not ready to do this. We have no yet grasp, what life fully has to offer.

This is why we are limiting ourselves from the abundance of life. Life is willing to give us more than what we can imagine, making our lives brighter than what we can dream of. The past and the future should be thought of less than what we have been doing. Only good moments should be relived or dreamt of in many. We have to spend more time on breaking this circle. It is possible to put a stop to all energies that already exist and make a new energy wave, with more good than bad, so that we can attract ourselves to better.

The past is our Demon and so too is the future. The only way out of this circle is through the current moment. If we only think and do for this moment and less of the past and the future we are allowing life to be what it is…… Beautiful. Just because life is hard doesn’t mean that it has stopped or it will stop being beautiful.

Because of our past and current actions, life is set up to go against us because that is what we have put into life. This is why I believe life is really what you make it. Yes me, yes them, yes you. Life is full of so much hate, anger, negativity, pain etc that more people are down and sad, evil and hateful over happy and peaceful. Because everything stays into existence, the bad now over powers the good. This is why life is hard for many. All the evil people of the past and current, all the things that they have created and done is now following us. We have to stand up and fix the mistakes of the past while protecting our actions and thoughts for the current moment in time.

It seems impossible to only think for the current moment and not that of others moments. We have not yet started to live life. Yes we are alive but too live life is to actually live it. How? by talking less and doing less, while achieving more by using the mind. This will force us to think everything with our minds which will attract the things we need or want from life to us. This way our hopes and dreams wouldn’t be placed into people but into life. The actions of our body would be less but we will be living life and not just the physical experience. We can achieve twice as much as we are now if we let the subconscious lead our bodies and not our bodies leading our subconscious.

For Example: I can say that I am hungry out loud and no one will say or do much but if I say it in my mind someone might be somewhere about to eat and just happened to offer me some as a act of kindness. This person may not know that I am hungry but we are all connected in a world we are still learning. We do not have to speak or act for us to connect.

The way we perceive actions and words are different because we are all having a different experience. But somewhere somehow we are all part of the same. When we live life, life and not the physical life, we tend to see that our wants and needs are faster and better fulfilled than when we do everything physically. In this world we connect better with others while creating less obstacles in our paths through our insides and not the outsides.

I have been trying this do the ‘do less method’ by the body and think more with the subconscious mind. My needs are being answered over not being answered or slowly answered. My obstacles are easier to remove from my life. The blockage placed on my life is slowly being lifted by my actions. Everyone that is not meant to be in my life is soon fading away due to my new methods.

No-one knows of what I am doing but somehow the bad people in my life seems to catch an attitude with me or get angry and faster show me their bad sides. I have seen the demon in some of them. People saying and thinking things that I wasn’t thinking because of their guilt for the bad the have contributed to my life. They have said and done bad things because they assume and took action or do things that shows the true face of the demon inside because to them I am now unreadable making it harder for them to disrupt my energy. I am becoming unreadable allowing all bad to fall prey and misstep, eventually showing me what lies in the dark. This helps me to also connect better with everyone good that is in my life.

We bump head less and the good moments are more than the bad. The people that are meant for me seems to ask less of me but give more. They talk to me as regular and I enjoy life and others the same. The only difference is that the way in which I choose to experience life is different. I can see better than before when it comes to the hardships of life.

I still feel the pain of life but the pain is not as deep as before. Less people do things to upset me, less people seem to try to test or take advantage of me and life seems a little kinder. For the bad that still exist in my life, well it hurts less because I am trying to not think of the bad moments. I have moments where I feel bad for what I am going through but the less I dwell on it the less I feel the pain that come with life. I know that I can do something where I can stop being affected by others bad actions and words towards me. I should only be affected by the things I want to be affected by and not what others what me to be affected by.

This helps because my useless actions and words are less and so to it is from others. The more I talk less the more I see that at times its no need to do or say anything at all. A person might say something good or bad and it does’nt need a reply or action but in the physical world we think that if we do not reply it is disrespectful. But in the unseen world at times we just need to listen to others and not always make it about anything because once created it is here to stay. But with the physical experience we are doing and saying to a point we do not know the limits or guidelines that life has for us. We are putting unnecessary things into life creating bad and unnecessary energies to return to us.

At times when people say or do anything to us dont matter how nice we are, or how bad the act is, it is because we do not draw a line in life, life but only the physical life so their unseen actions or words can still seep into our lives causing pain. A person maybe nice to you one day and mean the other. Some might say something nice today and tomorrow speaking bad of you or too you.

The trick to stopping the bad energies from intruding ones life is to draw a line that all other energies cannot penetrate which means we cannot penetrate anyone’s energies either. By doing this we will be mixing our energies into others where there bad would now follow into our lives. When we do or say unnecessary things, it can be perceived by others the wrong way. We are creating actions and thoughts in others that may come off the wrong way. To find a way to keep our energies high where our conflicts and disagreements with others are less is the best way for us to go.

I have been trying to talk and do less with my body and more with my mind. At work today I was thinking that I was hungry. My co- worker then came back from the lunch room with a bag of chips. I saw the chips and said that I should ask for it. I didn’t ask but everything was in my head. He then came over to me and offered me some.

If I had said out loud that I was hungry then at that current time no-one would have said anything or have anything to offer. But because my energies was places into life and not the physical world my words were heard faster. In this world we have the ability to do less and get more instead of doing more and getting less.

We have to also stop all negative or bad actions in oneself. Or even control the bad to the point that it is only used as a weapon of protection for a good cause. One also has to have no part of subjecting another too do bad or to think bad. This is the way I think we can break the curse of the world together. Too my mind the current moment in time is the only way to stop the pain of the future while removing the evil and pain of the past. This will bring abundant happiness too all that is willing to do this, changing our overall vibrations.

We are all connected in the subconscious world. We all know what we all want and need in life and somehow we can help to fulfil each other’s lives in this world. We do not have to know anything about the other but yet somehow we all complete eachother lives.


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7 thoughts on “Have You Ever Heard The Saying: In Life Pain Is Inevitable? To Get To The Beauty In Life You Have To First Go Through Pain And Hard Times? Have You Ever Heard The Wolf Cry? Well Then Read To Find Out My Answer On How We Can Break This Curse.

  1. I respect that because I feel like my life is a living pain. Too much emotions leads to too much pain. The past, present and future.


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