What Do I think Is The Purpose Of Our Creation?

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After my last post, I was thinking of what the answer too this question is….. What is the purpose of the human creation? Like all the other times in the past, I thought about this question and everytime I came up with nothing. I couldn’t even think of which direction to turn in.

Normally when I cannot think of something that will make sense to me, based on the questions I have in life that no-one still has the answers for, I just keep living life until the question arises again. I then go in search of the answers again until life shows me the rite direction to head down.

About two days ago, life opened up too me and maybe gave me an answer that is better than no answer at all. I hope for all of you to take a walk into my mind with me, without judgement and an open heart.

Let Us Begin!

I had just got finished watching a scary movie named [ Friend Request] on Netflix and the movie left me thinking. Long story short, the movie is about a girl that was accused of being a Witch and practicing Black Magic. She used to sit with her computer off and steer at the blank screen looking at her reflection for hours. The other kids thought that she was weird etc etc and no-one wanted to be her friend.

So I asked myself: If dark and evil things come through darkness because it, itself is darkness and so too are dark mirrors…. then why at nights a clear mirror can be a portal to all evil, including hell itself if it’s associated with light?

You know the saying: Do not sleep with the mirror facing your bed because it is a gateway to any and everything, even hell. When it is dark, everything else has an advantage over us [The Light] because we cannot see. So then why can evil still come through a regular mirror, especially at nights? What is different about the mirror? When the darkness leaves and the day sets in, the mirror is still the same mirror.

I then went into the bathroom and as I was sitting with the lights off, I looked in the direction of my mirror and said to myself: Well it is dark and I can no longer see the mirror because now it is one with the darkness around me and so to do the Darkness consume me, so I cannot see me. But both me and the mirror is the same, so too is everything else that is in the bathroom around me.

Then I realized….. Don’t matter how much we strive to be happy and a good person, we will always fail. Why? Because when we are done making ourselves perfect, the dark world is still around us waiting to consume us. Don’t matter how bright we shine, the darkness is bigger than us so it is now us.

When we are done fighting one demon, there are many more, waiting to take anyway all the hard work that we have invested into ourselves, that way we will stay distracted in the darkness.

This World Is Set Up For Everything To Fail And This Is Why We Must Not Fail Everything

Everything around us has always been and still is dark and evil. We are blinded by the light which makes us able to see in the darkness. This means that we see from the human eyes because it is of the darkness, because of the blackness around it. This might be the reason that when we close our eyes, we see dark but have to force and imagine to see images of color when our eyes are closed.

This is why we are blinded in the third eye until we figure out ways to open it by seeing in the dark. When all can see through our different eyes and think with our different brains, then this is when our mission is complete. We have to remove the evil from the world since it would be harder to remove it from the Soul. Those that couldn’t see would now be able to see because the brightness from around them will now grow to consume them…. Saving the most evilness, creating a new light and a new world.

In the night the mirror is now black, creating a glitch in time for everything else that is lurking in the dark. So don’t matter where we turn, there will always be a glitch to allow evil to enter as long as darkness exists. It comes in like a snake from the root of our feets to the core of our heads. This is why God then turned to us, too close up the portals of darkness so that he can banish the evil putting it all in one place, instead of them freely roaming with the living.

We Have To Fight The Darkness Too See The Light

If God is so powerful then why isn’t he here? I was thinking, well if God is the Mirror…. He would be here just being his typical self because he is unchangeable. But if everything around him is dark, it will now become him. This doesn’t mean he will change, it just means that a glitch in nature would affect or distort the true him allowing the darkness to use him for evil.

What if this is why God created us? He cannot do his purpose alone because of this he created us. He created us and put us in the darkness so that we can figure out how to remove the darkness from within. To remove the darkness you have to live in it to know it. Maybe God didn’t want to get lost Because then his mission will never be fulfilled. Maybe God himself was living on Earth as a man and lost his way. After he found his way out he created something like him to take the place of him, equally sharing his soul purpose with us.

In the Bible, Genesis, Chapter 1 states: In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth the Earth was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep and the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters then God said let there be light and there was light and God saw the Light that it was good and God divided the light from the darkness etc etc.

My point is that we do not know what God’s purpose is but what we do know is that he created us for his purpose. The same way we created the light bulb too see, automobiles to travel long distance in a shorter time, microwaves to heat our food, fridge to lengthen the life span, technology to do and think about things that we do not want to do and think about, etc etc……. Is the same way God invented us for something.

The same way we create things to assist us, is the same way God created us, too assist him. I think that he wanted our help to finish where he left off at, so that he can continue with his personal mission.

He divided light and darkness…. But I think he was having trouble figuring out how to remove the darkness completely without it consuming the soul. He was unable to do this so he set the two factors aside: light & dark… And created us to help in removing the dark completely, since he cannot do it himself.

Maybe he got lost in the darkness at one point and realised that if he got lost again the maybe he had no- one to save him. But if he created something, he can always choose to help, save or destroy it.

God most likely felt pain etc. while walking the earth so apon our creation he made us to not get hurt or feel pain but because of our greed for eating the Apple’s of the forbidden tree, we are now left to fight bigger demons.

It is not that God is incapable of fulfilling this mission! Like I said, I think its because in this realm the rules and everything is different, creating so many ways to loose one’s soul. Whatever God’s purpose is, it is so important that he cannot afford this. His mission, only he can do it, and that’s why he cannot be here, so we are here for him.

But if there are so many people in the world it would be hard to remove all the darkness from everyone. Making this impossible, thousands millions gazillions years can pass and this would still be impossible because of all the evilness that has grown and learned how to survive and outlive the good.

It made me sad thinking about it. But it didn’t make me back down. I then though: It has to be something that we can still do?! Im sure when we were first created, it was easy to change the darkness from within.

With sooooo many years passed the darkness that we meet here has grown past no return. But for some reason God had hope that we will figure it out. Maybe this is why we come in many and not few. With everyone it’s only a matter of time till we will get it rite.

Maybe this is why our creation still lives on. He did say in his Book [ The Holy Bible] that all other creatures will bow before man.

Anyways not to get side track…… I then thought, the only way left is to take the darkness out from the world itself and not the people. Leaving the light from outside, too outshine the darkness from within, changing what was once dark to compete light.

I mean no more night time, dark. When we close our eyes, instead of darkness, we will be seeing light. But how would that be possible, maybe make the moon brighter, create more moons. God is the one that set the sun up and has it traveling to all nations to help overcome the darkness.

How on earth did God create a sun? How would we get the world to fully light up leaving no darkness behind? What are the stars exactly? Can the answers we are looking for be in the skies? Can we align, move, put together and create a new world?

Can the numbers and writings of our ancestors that seems impossible to figure, only be because it is new to us? Can it be simple but because of our lack of knowledge, we are lead to believe that we are ahead of them? What if they were ahead of us but was lacking in technology. We are lacking in knowledge but have an abundance of technology. The Answers or help are waiting for us to find them.

At this moment the only thing that we are ahead of is Life. Our ancestors are dead but we are not. We think that our history and knowledge is lost but maybe it was just us that are lost. If God isn’t looking for us then we are not lost at all. We are not lost to God because he knew before he created us that anything placed in darkness is bound to get lost or unseen. He knew our fate before our creations.

Can we create a sun like God? Can we do something in the skies and take aways the darkness forever?

I would ask what is God’s purpose? But that might be harder than trying to cover the whole world with light, taking away what we call [ Night].

What was our ancestors working on? With our technologies today, what they were trying to do years ago would be easier for us to achieve. What if that’s all of God’s plan!? For us to get lost in our creations, until the day we create something that can help us see the light, leading us directly to him, in his purest form.

Can our technology today be what helps and assist us in our own purposes? Can this be the right time for us to unlock all life’s secrets? Can the end to our darkness both in us and in the world be closer to the end, than too the point of our arrival? Can we really be closer to the Finnish line of darkness….. Into the light? Are we the definition of light that will return back to the source of light by overpowering the darkness around us?


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