How To Possibly Unlock Your Highest Level Of Consciousness Like Buddha, Jesus, Chen Woo, etc. How To Tap Into A Consciousness At The Highest Level That Can Possibly Be Reached Through The Human Body. Few Are The One’s That Are Able To Accomplish This Hard Task. Consciousness Psychology.

It is said that it is impossible to have two thoughts at the same time. Which means that it is also impossible to have both a positive and negative thought at the same time. Trying to slow down the mind is already hard on its own! For some it is even hard to think before they talk or act. It might not be impossible to have two thoughts at the same time, we may just not know how to.

So many has tried to gain consciousness, but only the strongest has accomplished this task. Many people have died trying many methods with no success.

Some do achieve a certain level of consciousness but not high enough to permanently heal the soul from its sufferings to the point one is taken to a new life. Now more than ever, as a whole the human race is becoming more conscious, slowly turing to our soul’s, urging to feed and fill the dark hole that is inside of us, filling it with something beautiful and different.

Certain methods tried by our ancestors are from eating less, to meditating and slowing down the mind, to doing and thinking good deeds, to pushing the body to its full physical limit by trying many other methods.

My conclusion is that it is as simple as to…. NOT THINK. The hardest thing for us humans to do, is to not think or to have two thoughts at once. We have such a hard time slowing down our minds on its own, this is why many do not think to try this no thought no nothing method.

The best some came up with is to say that meditation helps with the process of slowing down the mind. Never have I heard anyone saying…. TO NOT THINK. Maybe and truly meditation may be the only escape route through the human body, that we know of so far. Yes meditation is going to help with this but the key isn’t to stay at a slow-pace but to go to no pace at all, putting all the pace into your Soul’s.

I will try to accomplish this task when my body is ready for it and life gives me a break to do so. I have a full time job, a full time three year old son that wants my all at every moment and so many obstacles coming my way on top of the ones that are still in my way.

How do one find enough time and no distractions in our everyday life when one can hardly make time for oneself. It is already hard to slow down the mind with constant motion and things always happing to one or around one. If you was to study the past ancestors that achieved this great feat, they all removed themselves from the hustles and bustles of their daily lives.

They then went in search of a place with no distractions or human contact. A place where when they enter into a trans, nothing and no one can distract them. Some left their kingdoms behind, some left their families behind, some left everything they had became familiar with, all in the name of unlocking there highest most authentic selves.

I do think it is possible to accomplish this task with distractions and still living amongst what is called reality. But this can only be accomplished by a person of great strength. If someone accomplishes this no pace state amongst society, he will in my eyes be the strongest man/human that has ever walked on this earth amongst the new generation.

I believe this because of all our past ancestors that were great and some God’s, accomplished their Consciousness away from the eyes and ears of society. Sadly life is so full of distractions that it was and is impossible to stay focused long enough to get to a certain level of consciousness. But Everything is truly possible.

I do think this processes doesn’t have to take years or a lifetime. I do believe if someone wants it bad enough, then their energies can reach a new untapped energy if worked for, that no one in the past has been able to tap into before. This means with the rite amount of will power and strengths it is possible to tap into higher energies faster, also decreasing the times it takes to go in and out of a trans.

It is possible for one to close their eyes and in a matter of seconds, be somewhere else. It is also possible for one to Master the no pace rule in a matter of seconds while still working amongst society. It will take many, many tries but it doesn’t have to be many years. Like everything in life, the more you believe in something, the more focused you are on something and the more prepared you are for something, the higher your chances are in succeeding and attaining what is impossible.

I think that the new definition of impossible should be; something hard to get and hard to achieve but is always possible. Impossible is possible before it is possible, until then it is impossible.

Can this be why life is structured the way that it is currently structured? Too keep us busy and working, with hardly enough times for fun and relaxation. When one finds times they then choose to rest or have fun over tapping into ones main source. Can this cycle that was set up for us is the only thing that is keeping us down….. Yes! Stripping us from our happiness so that way we can strive to be happy. To strip us of success so that we can strive to be successful. A big distraction to stop us from living freely with constant joys.

Nowhere does it say that it is impossible to not have a thought. How would we know if we don’t know or try. We use our minds to think so to tap into our full soul’s consciousness, our minds has to be completely turned off. Not a single thing should be felt, seen, smell, heard, thought etc. through the body.

The body should be completely turned off. Eye’s turned off to the point not even a picture can pop up in the mind because then the mind will still be in use. Everything in the body should be left behind, putting our full energy into our soul’s consciousness, awakening something that is us.

I believe that this might be our way out the human body and into our soul’s. We have lived our whole lives in something that isn’t truly us or our full potential. Isn’t it time we stopped abandoning the soul and start feeding it what it really needs?

How fun and blessed it will be to live through the soul and not the human body. I wonder what gifts we will adapt when in the highest state of consciousness. What happens after? Would it be a way for us to function like the body do the mind? What would be the mind of the soul…… Energy.. What will it be? Can we become Immoral. What if the saying only God can grant immortality is not true. What if we can make our selves immortalized.

What if we can work for it to the point we are blessed and helped by the God’s. To feel a deep rooted happiness that our soul’s are starving for. To feel our full true authentic selves and not just raw emotions we are forced to feel through the body,both good and bad…… Called feelings. I wonder if we would be unable to feel pain. What about food ….. Would we need it? If food is for the body then what is for the soul? Is it energy? Would we be able to have superpowers, to create anything by just our soul’s existence. To be here there and everywhere at once. To make the impossible, possible.

Here Is A Article On Bliss I Found Too Tie Into My Thought, Taken From The Chandogya Upanishad

When one obtains bliss, only then does

one perform one’s duties. One who does not

obtain bliss, does not perform his duties.

Only one who obtains bliss performs his

duties. One must desire to understand bliss.’

The Infinite is bliss. There is no bliss

the Infinite.’

When one sees nothing else, hears nothing

else, understands nothing else, that is the

Infinite. When one sees something else, hears

something else, understands something else,

that is the finite. The Infinite is

immortal, the finite is mortal.’


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