Are We Forgiving Other’s At A Cost Without Realizing…. The Cost Of Our True Selves And Happiness

In life we are thought that forgiveness is healthy for our soul’s. But at times life seems so against us that it is much easier to just stay upset or away from whoever or whatever hurted us.

This puts us in our own bubbles, shutting out our true selves from the outside world and without knowing….. our selves. At times we may not realize the extent of the wombs we may carry because of our attention to the misfortunes itself.

I was thought from a young age that forgiveness is the key to moving on in life. I then went through life and began to adapt this way of dealing with people and life. I have felt great pain and witnessed other’s live through greater pain than I went through. I have seen many lost their ways in life, whether this be by death, jail time, mental illnesses etc. Some even lost who they were because they allowed the world to change them all in the name of FORGIVENESS.

Some may not be what is called “Crazy” but they are fully capable of living through a regular day to day basis like everyone else around them, except…. when you touch or speak on certain things, the words that begins to flow out of their mouths are words of defeat. Some may be ignorant, some only see their sides to life. Some cannot even comprehend a basic conversation without turning it on themselves, as to what you have to say to them simply doesn’t matter or carry value.

So yes forgives is key but what does it really mean to forgive? Is losing yourself in the name of FORGIVENESS really worth it? Being nice and treating those who have cause you pain, as you would have treated them if they didn’t hurt you in the first place…… No that is not where I am getting too. To forgive is too realize that everyone that hurts you are doing it because it makes them happy. Think about it! Some of these examples did not happen to me but here they are:

If someone was to cheat on you, they would be doing it because it makes them happy. At times they wouldn’t mean to hurt you but for whatever reason to them it was fun or pleasurable.

If someone speaks Ill of you for whatever reason, in the end they are doing it to either feel better about themselves, to be in the limelight or to steer away others from you etc. Whatever the reason is, they are doing it because they want to and feel too do so.

If someone doesn’t like you, even after you have done good unto them……. they do not like you because it makes them feel good. For whatever reason they so choose to not be your friends, caring family members, supports etc. It is something about you that they do not like or want so hating you keeps their lives moving and unchanged.

If someone steals from you, they know it will hurt you but either way, they will still do it because it will make them become happier and at times attain something that they never had or something that they have always wanted but couldn’t get on their own.

I can go on and on and run in circles but my point is to only show you that people are only doing what they feel that is best for them at the times they so choose or think is rite. We are meant to be happy in life…. All Of Us. But at times other’s happiness comes at a cost of someone or something else. So to realize that at times people do not really mean to hurt you on purpose, would make you not take life so seriously. And if they hurt you on purpose it is because they did it because they wanted to.

We are all off course in life and for the moment happiness is short lived and harder to achieve. To some people they will do anything to feel good inside don’t matter the cost. So to learn about forgiveness is to really know that when people hurt you, you should not sit and beat up on yourself because they are doing what’s best for them to make them happy. Not always realizing the extent of the pains they are creating. When and if they do realize, they simply will not care because to them there happiness comes before another.

It is ok to cry and ok to feel sad but you have to realize that we have to keep our vibrations high so that we too can be happy. We do not have to do bad to get good to come to us like some people do! All we have to see is that life is not against us. When times are bad that doesn’t mean that we have bad luck. When we feel alone that doesn’t mean that we are unwanted. All it means is that in life we have to learn and know the feelings of the different types of pains in our lives that other’s may be causing. We have to pinpoint what hurts us and then learn how to stop or not feel that certain thing we no longer want to feel again. To the point where we and our vibrations are no longer affected by the circumstances that is in and around our lives, aligning our vibrations to attract the best from life to our direction.

The body is meant to feel all that we are feeling, not for us to live through it but to rise above it. Everytime someone hurts you, know that they are doing it to make themselves feel good. And life is meant to be enjoyed, if someone asks for forgiveness, make sure that you do not lose yourself at their expense. Stay true to who you are. Do not ask them questions you normally won’t, do not do things that are not of you, do not treat them different, do not think that you are the problem and do not think that the world is against you. Yes this is hard but the least we can do is TRY.

Know that you are Loved! Both by the seen and unseen. Forgive without Revenge and Hate. Give those who have hurt you their space and be happy for them because they are happy. Yes I may sound crazy but I have recently learned that if what makes me happy is seeing other people happy then the pain I feel would vanish. Too let those who wants to leave my life, go freely without putting up a fight. To not only say the words I forgive you to people but to not allow myself to no longer be changed by their actions and words because I have changed. To not make it hard for the next person to enter my life because I assume they are going to hurt me. To try an remain happy and do what makes me happy don’t matter how many times I feel different and alone. To think positive and highly about myself because I am beautiful and luck will follow me wherever I go. And to keep fighting for those that hurt me but still wants to stay in my Life as if what they did was only a lesson for me to work on being a greater version of myself and not life being against me.

Life is not against me or you. I used to assume that I was unlucky and unloved because of what I thought was harsh treatments by the hands of life but truly I am not any of those. I am blessed an highly favoured by life. Life didn’t do anything to me but it was actions and circumstances from people. Most of the people that hurt me also did great good by me. So what does that mean?….. Im 1/2 Lucky and 1/2 unlucky…… Im sure that is not how it goes.

Do not beat up on yourself and change your ways and doings because of how you think life is treating you. Do not think less of yourself. Keep your head up, keep on loving your fellow creators and know that don’t matter who does what to you or who says what to you, still kill them with kindness because you are special and should not be changed unless its for the better. Everytime you feel sad, you are lowering your vibrations, you are also lowering your chances to rise above life and not just living through it.

Realize that your bodies feelings are not for you to feel all the pain, life is to short to be carrying around all the hurt and baggage you have accumulated as the time goes by. The feelings is only meant to signal the soul as to how it feels and as to what is happening around it. It is in the best interest of our soul’s and overall happiness to realize the problem, express how we feel…. cry, think etc but to quickly and I say again…. quick find ways to realize how perfect we are and to know that in our own worlds we will always be enough. If someone makes you feel less of yourself, it is you duty to do rite by yourself and make yourself feel better. Find the great things about you, not to everyone else but to you. Know that in your life you are the ruler which means you have the say so on how your life plays out and how you should feel about everything in and around you. Know that in your world you are perfect and enough so there is no need to force people to see how great and awesome of a person you are. And most importantly, the love that you give to others, give to yourself first and then the others because most likely no one would do the same for you as you would do on to them.

It is not good for our vibrations to be down for long because the longer it is down the more time bad and negative things and people have to enter our lives. This is why we have to get back up quickly and then find ways to fix whatever we no longer want to feel. We have to keep our vibrations high to attract all things that are great to us. All good things functions at a high vibration. Everything bad functions at a low vibration so for us to not get lost in life and to achieve our soul mission we have to function high, as long as we can for as much as we can.

If one does this everyday, one day it is possible to be baggage free and fully soul. To always see the great things in life and in yourself and to never be affected by circumstance since after all it is not life’s fault. Do not stop yourself from being happy and positive. Attract love and kindness and know that life is really beautiful. It may not always seem like it but once we stop blaming life and ourselves we can truly live. Attracting only happiness, health, wealth, abundance etc into our lives. I do think we have the potential to STOP LIVING LIFE BUT TO RISE ABOVE IT WHERE TRUE HAPPINESS IS NOT AN ILLUSION but a reality.


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7 thoughts on “Are We Forgiving Other’s At A Cost Without Realizing…. The Cost Of Our True Selves And Happiness

  1. I cannot keep the smile from my face after feeling your passion come through your writing. “…find ways to realize how perfect we are and to know that in our worlds we are always enough.” This is truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing this.

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