If A Pregnant Woman Has A Child That Doesn’t Look Like His Or Her Father Or Family Member’s, Then Can It Be Something Else? What About A Child That Doesn’t Have A Personality That Coincides With His Or Her Family? My View On Birth.

Have you ever heard or seen a man insisting that a baby isn’t his? That the baby looks like one of his friend’s or her friends. Have you seen a baby that might be of opposite colors of his other sibling’s. Yes it doesn’t mean anything but what if in some cases it does mean something other than cheating.

Have you seen Maury, where the baby ends up coming out belonging to the rightful person but something is just off but No one knows why? They jump for joy and keep on living life without wondering about a small or easily looked over factor can be held responsible.

If a woman is pregnant with one man’s Child and has unprotected sexual intercourse with another, what happens to his bodily fluids? How would that affect an unborn? It would be absorbed by the cells of the woman just like everything else that we put into our bodies.

Can this then contribute to the overall looks or even personality of the child. How about a shared kiss with salvia, something so little can it contribute to little or perhaps bigger factors?! Our bodies main function is to absorbs whatever is put into it and kicks out or tires to kick out in certain cases, whatever is bad.

This would mean that the Child would test positive to the rightful Father with his or her other traits going untraced and unknown. Maybe this is what the other % falls under…. Like when they say 99.9%. Or maybe a future upgrade where we would be able to detect or have a test that would be more accurate or that can set apart other factors and DNA that can contribute to the making of one being. These other numbers are going unnoticed.

Can the people that we have around us also contribute to these factors? If we are soul’s with a magnetic field then when we intertwine with those around us, what does this contribute too? Can it contribute to whether someone’s luck in life is good or bad? Whether they have good opportunities in life or many obstacles.

When we engage in physical intercourse we also share and transfer DNA with the other person. Then what is the DNA to our soul’s? Is it our Magnet Field? Most likely yes! We drop and raise our energy based on choices we make in our life. Our Magnetic Field is also affected based on the choices we make and on who we choose to have intimacy with.

Intimacy doesn’t have to be sexually but it can be friends….. Like having drinks and laughing friends. This can also contribute to the outcome of a pregnant women’s child’s, personality or maybe looks. We begin to adapt and change according to what is in our surroundings to better adapt to evolution. Meaning our energies and fields also change. At times even our physical bodies change. We sometimes see people that are slowly changing in appearances because they are overwhelmed by there current situations and state in life, so imagine what happens to our soul’s without our knowledge.

Our vibrations and Magnetic Fields are at all times affect by those we choose to interact with around us until our own power’s are strong enough to be unchangeable and unaffected by those around us. But what about the new life that is being formed….. Is He or She subjected to a faith that’s being overlooked? Causing many kids to loose their way because of so many obstacles standing in their paths. Many people falling to sin, trying to find happiness not knowing the source to their bad luck is not indeed their choices but to the many unseen things holding them back, purposely steering as many soul’s off course to better satisfy the things trying to take over one’s spot in life while going unnoticed.

If nothing dies then that means he or she would then now be followed by the other’s soul’s, making one’s torments never ending! And when one dies then one soul is still subjected to its fate. Everything just attaches itself to something else so to come out life and save other’s from our never ending demons and baggages is our highest Destiny. This is why raising our vibrations are important. It is to help us function at a higher level to keep bad and low energy things both seen and unseen from coming our way. Helping us to live life with less obstacles and sorrow. Things that function at low vibrations are other things that are evil or unhappy, demons, other low vibrating entities, humans etc.

Maybe this is why many people go through life feeling like something is following or with them. As if don’t matter how hard they try or how much good they do, things always seem to go wrong. As if they have nothing but bad luck. They go through life feeling lonely and loveless…. Full of obstacles. Living a life full of pain and sorrow, fighting everyday to achieve and feel real happiness for a fleeting moment causing some to change in both personality and looks, even before one is born out of the stomach. I think this change starts happening from the first day of one’s making to way after one is dead in the physical. One stops changing when one has built himself unchangeable to all things including himself.

What if someone who is subjected to this fate wins this battle finally changing one’s luck and purpose in life?! Then he or she is now alined to the most highest power and Destiny of all times and realms. To come out still finding one’s way through life. Can he or she then function so high with a pure heart to actually get the attention of the highest creators themselves? To work as one with us to save all that is left of good? Can we actually save our selves before our maker’s return? Before his final coming potentially ending us all as a race.


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