I’ve Been Wondering… A Guide To Keep In Mind Before Creating Or Bringing Anything Into Existence. Existence Can Cause Pain.

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What if our technology isn’t surpassed our Ancestors like we are lead to believe. In the modern world it is normal to hear: ” Our technology and lifestyle’s are more advanced than those that had came before us.” We have wifi, fax machines, Phone’s, Computer’s, Microwave’s, Fridge’s, Oven’ s, Gaming system’s, Car’s, X-Ray Machine’s, Airplane’s, Submarine’s, ATM Machines, Machine’s in general etc.

In today’s world we talk about how confusing it is as to how our ancestors created things that even with our technology today, we cannot accomplish. Our ancestors used less things to do far more than what we can adapt to without using technology. What if the things they used was way better and smarter than ours. So smart that we are ignorant when it comes to living in better days and times than they were living in.

We keep creating these things and think it isn’t doing us much harm because our bodies looks and functions the same. What about what we do not see and the building blocks of life. Our Soul’s, Magnetic Field’s, Oxygen, Blood, etc. generally speaking. I believe that with every second most of these things we create are in existence, then so to is the risk we will have to pay. My bad…..! So to is the risk that we are paying. Not just us humans but the poor creators that we share this world with, the plant life and our water supply are also subjected to the harsh conditions of our choices of Luxury’s.

Anything created into existence gives off vibration’s. Whether you see it or not, feel it or not, hear it or not, that doesn’t stop anything from doing its purposes. What we do not see is that with everything we create it also has a spiritual part to it also. Meaning its also unseen, so if we do not realize or stop to think that in the spiritual world everything’s is build “obviously” using unseen ingredients, like energy and vibration’s. Just like the physical world we use item’s that we can see and that is of a physical nature. So though we may see what we are using to create these item’s in physical form, we have to make sure that the vibrations and energies are also alined with the planets vibrational core and purpose.

If we begin to create something and at the time of creation the person is angry, full of hatred, full of love etc, then those are the energies the items would now give off to the planet, forcing the planet to keep realigning itself to keep up with our basic needs. So you see, indeed our technology may surpass our ancestors materially it do not surpass there’s Spiritually because of our lack of knowledge in the unseen. Back then the planet most likely didn’t have to kick out as much energy as it do today. To be the best at creation an “existence’s” should only be created for the better of all, both seen and unseen.

After all our ancestors was on a much greater part to us. A part so great that we can only imagine or think but not fully know because we are busy making and creating the wrong history.

If you take the basic elements or objects such as Air, Fire, Water, metal’s and Rocks, you would see that anything thrown at it changes it’s course. its Magnetic Field’s change and at times you can physical see a dent in it’s field’s. You can see it with water and fire, you can feel and hear it when something is thrown at metal and you can feel or see it when something hits dirty & stone etc.

Everytime we move or do things, Everything else in existence is affected and moved. Whether good or bad is up to us. Hey! This may solve the theory as to how our ancestors moves all those large boulders and moved all these crazy things without using the technology we have today.

We have to create things just to be able to do things, when our ancestors did things and create using less effort and energy than we are using. We are consistently putting the balance of everyone and everything off without fully being aware of it.

We cannot see to the extent in how much harm we are doing because we do not see it with the physical eye so we assume that everything is ok.

Whatever those that walked before us were using was and is the rite concept to keep the world balanced. Not alive but balanced. The point of existences is to be balanced. So to is the things we choose to put into it. We may be taking and using up so much energy without caring about the balance of the energy’s that is being used. Causing an imbalance to the climate, the Ozone Layer, stripping our Oxygen, Blood and so much more than we are aware of.

The whole DAMN World is fucked up because we keep thinking we are so smart. Most likely the main building blocks of our DNA and those of our fellow creators of the world was changed over the year’s to adapt to the things we keep creating around us. We keep creating without us noticing or knowing the full extent because we are only using our eyes. We are shut out from the reality of the highest knowledge because we are more focused on creating a material reality.

We lack wisdom and care to sit and figure out as to exactly what the fuck we are doing to our planet. While we are having a time of our lives, our fellow creators of the planet, the air, the water, the Earth, Mother Nature, Everything in the whole damn nation is suffering at our hands. The sad part is all sin and fun has to end and we will all pay as one for what we have contributed to this. All the natural disasters we call natural, might not be so natural after all. Good or bad it will come back before the end of time. So now we may not care but the downfall we create will be much greater later. If anything is off in our bodies we are subjected to illnesses and so to is everything around us. If everything is off balanced then the greater the suffering and price will be.

I keep saying our greed’s for material’s is blinding us from our mind and ability to think for ourselves and on our own. Making and creating new realities around us putting us on a path we are so lost on. We need to destroy alot of our creations and start fresh. Fix our mistakes and change our old ways since it hasn’t been working so good for us. Invest in the unseen, adapt new ways or doing things. Do things and create in the right ways for the better of all good. Create so we can see the unseen so that we can be better creator’s. Everything created has to be created for all and in balanced of both seen and unseen to be considered healthiest for the seen and unseen aligning the planet to it’s highest purpose……. To sustain and replenish all life forms to better serve life as a whole.

Yes we may have lost our ways but the unseen has always been there trying to help us. We sometimes don’t notice because our distractions is much greater than our will for change and will to do better for our fellow beings of the world. We do not need to know the answers to everything. Start by trying to figure out some on your own and life will finish off the rest for you.

Life is full of wisdom sitting at our doorsteps. Waiting for us to see that we do not need to use as much energy and feel or dish out as much hurt as we do just to live a better fulfilled life. We do not need to live and accept pain and suffering when we don’t need to. We are only going through this because we choose to. What life gives you is what we ask for. You want better, simply ask for better by doing better. You see if you don’t do better but only ask for better the balance and energies frequencies would be off balanced. Now making what you ask for impossible. To get anything from life you first have to balance yourself and the energies to attract whatever you need and want from life seen and unseen.

I guess it’s safe to say Buddha was and has ways been rite about balance. You should not be sad because something bad happened to you, or be happy because something good happened to you. In other words his teaching teach us to be neutral with all that happens around us.

If you are sad you begin to look for something that will make you happy but when you’re happy eventually it will end and so continues the cycle. To be neutral and unmoved by life is the ultimate goal. To not be excited for when good deeds happen or sad when bad things happen and so forth. To be neutral in all feelings and doings in when we have reached our highest potential.


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