Is It Possible That We Are Living In The Wrong World?!

We are living in a parallel world. We are living on the side of patterns and materials subjected by sorrow, while waiting on the other side is freedom & happiness subjected by eternity.

Abigail M. M.

Everyday of our lives are lived in a structured way that seems to always repeat itself. We work hard to achieve the material world over our own world, making happiness hard to achieve.

We came here as soul’s but to survive in the physical world, we had to adapt to a physical body. Instead of living in the world that is already inside of us we choose to live in the material world. We wake up everyday on repeat to work hard, to achieve physical money, to buy physical items that will make us feel happy in the physical body and world. We are all stuck on a wheel of “Constant Karmic Motion” of our own doings. It’s as if we are holding our own soul’s in a “Golden” prison on earth.

We are feeling karma from our own wrong doings affecting both the physical and mental self. This karma comes because of our greed to keep living in the wrong world. If one was to live life in ones own power, we can get out of this structured life full of sorrow.

Everything needed to live a happy lifestyle already exists. We have to find ways to get out of our prison! Instead of looking for happiness in the Material world we can tap into our main source and give what we need to ourselves instead of depending on someone else’s physical form to fulfil our very needs.

If we tap into our main source, the real World would start to reveal itself to us. Not many in this modern, material world truly knows what that world looks like. I have hope that we will find our true home soon because the answers that the material life is feeding to us can no longer heal the soul leaving us lost in a life that truly isn’t meant for us.

It’s a whole “World” out there that we haven’t started living as yet. I believe this world is already amongst us, we are blinded and shunned from it. It’s rite here on earth but because of our greed for the Material items we have lost our way and true purpose. In that world we do not need food, money, clothes or houses or anything material because everything is already there. Based on our needs, what we need from life, would come to us naturally when we are following the rules of the real highest power.

It can also be seen as a key to unlock the subconscious mind, and reminds us that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, rather than physical beings embarking upon spiritual experiences.

If we can find a way to reverse our physical form by giving the power we give to the Material world to the real world, then the real world amounts us would reveal its true self to our physical eye. We have the option to stay in the material world of constant suffering and greed or to take our Energy from the physical world and give it to our main source.

We are on this karmic wheel because of our sins, praying to a material God wondering why life is the way we know it as today. Life will not help us or give us answers if we are looking for it through the material world. The true world would only reveal itself to those that wants to live in it and to those who believes in it.

Before Lucifer was the devil it is said that he disobeyed God’s word. God was Furious and banned Lucifer from heaven. Throughout the years we have lost our “Real History” and no-one in the physical world knows what the devil did to disobey God in the first place. Maybe the Devil’s greed for creating material’s and indulgences in it was so strong that he has chosen to create and live in the material world where we are all currently living.

We followed him here and lost our way back to our real home. Because we are spirit, living in a material body that is eventually subjected to death we became stuck. We can only achieve eternal life is we choose to see the real truths of life which is our mistakes.

In the physical world our ancestors destroyed the history as to how we came here in the first place. Our ancestors most likely followed Lucifer to the material world using the physical body since that was the only way to keep staying in the material world. Where our ancestors then birthed us creating the world we see and know. If we knew where we came from and how we got here, then everyone would leave, making it impossible to create a different type of living.

Lucifer is the creator and ruler of the material world which is why happiness is only an illusion. Everything we pray and ask for we are actually asking Lucifer. This is why when we ask for things like love and health and happiness our prayers is never answered because Lucifer doesn’t have the power he needs to give us what we truly need but only our wants.

“God” though we do not know his real name is the ruler of the real world where real happiness is easily attained. God created that world for us so we do not feel suffering or pain but to live in Paradise. We were meant to live forever but because of our ancestors Greed for the material world we are subjected to death. Eternal everlasting life is still offered to those that chooses it. Everything in life is a choice!

God has always given us a choice, that is why he is sitting back watching us as we live in this world, waiting for us to step into his world where he can better assist us.

As long as we are in this world “God” can’t help us and he can’t come to save us because this is not his world. In his world he makes up all the rules and in this world the devil makes up all the rules. We can’t expect to keep living in this world and ask God to help us in this world….. He can only help us so much.

It is said that anyone who knows God’s real name can call him here to help and serve us. Maybe this is why we do not know his real name because Lucifer has stopped everyone from saying his name so over the years we have lost God’s real name. There is only two options to get out of this world. 1 is to know God’s real name to call on him to take us back home or 2 we find our own way back home on our own. Being that the first option is the easiest this is why Lucifer had forbidden his followers from using God’s real name leaving us with only one option…. To find our own way home. Yes the devil made it hard for us to find a way home but if our ancestors could fight hard to stay in this material world we can fight just as hard to find a way back to our true home.

What if we are looking at life from the wrong angle. In the Bible it is said that God conceived Mary with his only begotten son baby Jesus. She was the only human that did not sin in her entire life. He saw her as a woman that was pure and worthy of giving birth to his seed. God was trying to bring us back to that world (to our rightful home) but we refused his help by Killing his son Jesus.

The only reason why God sent Jesus was because Mary was pure of sin. If Mary had sinned then God would not have been able to send Jesus because God is pure he can only do things that are of a pure nature.

If it is true that the only way the soul can survive in the material world is if it is in something material, the human body, then what if that is why God sent his son Jesus through the body to help get us back to the right World but our ancestors had chosen to ignore the truths and called Jesus and his followers crazy killing that very body.

John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Those that live in sin are bound to be perished at the end his/her body’s physical limitation. What if what is normal to us is actually crazy and what is crazy to us is actually normal. We all sin and when we don’t sin our words or thoughts are sometimes negative. There are so many material distractions in front of our physical eye that we do not see the signs or the other world calling out to us. Maybe the only option left is for us to use our mind and figure it out on our own since we’re the ones after all that are the creators of all things material around us. So it would not be mean to say that we have to figure out how to see past material things.

Of all the history shows we created about aliens, it would not be cruel to stay that we’re the true aliens. We’re the ones destroying the world, the animal life, the plant life, the air etc. Everywhere we go we destroy things, we can never go somewhere and leave it untouched. This is why we deserve going through the pain and sorrow of life because this is what we wanted, this is what we created for ourselves. The cost of the material world and bringing pain to other being’s and animals are pain and sorrow. We cause it but we will receive it back multiplied. We are the creators of our own downfall and we will pay for our sin’s until the day we die for Generations to come until we take ownership and see the damage we have done. To see how far we have pulled away from our roots. Our souls will perish until someone saves us or we save ourselves.

Some might say the world cannot be changed but to me it can. I believe if we can create all these materialistic things around us imagine the things that we can create and do together to figure out how to get back to our rightful place. We don’t have to know how to get there or where we’re going to go, we just have to do it.

Look at the things we have done in life, the things we created and we didn’t even know how to start but we started off with thoughts that turned into a strong believe, combined with the support of others and their ideas that help each other make history happen through our efforts.

The same way we can put each others Minds together and figure out how to land on the Moon, make automobiles, x-ray machines, airplanes etc is the same way we can make the impossible…… possible. We are the creators of our own destinies. We can destroy and create whatever we can think of.

Last but not least, if it turns out that we are looking at life from the wrong angle, then the way we have interpreted “The Bible” is possibly also interpreted from a wrong angle. In my next postings, I would be taking a few scriptures from The Bible shedding light on them from a different perspective, challenging your mind and way of thinking.


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