My Views On White Blood Cells Count.

I believe that when the human race was first created we started off with only Red Blood Cells in our bodies. Over the years as we evolved so too was the choices of foods we choose to eat. Our means of transportation and everything else around us has also evolved. This makes us exposed to things that we are unfamiliar with. Not only did we create more waste in the environment but we dirtied our drinking water, air and food supplies.

Because of this, over a long stretch of years we begun to develope a lot of respiratory illnesses, food born illnesses and every illnesses possible from the bacterias that surrounds us. Our bodies begins to produce inflammation from illnesses and bacterias creating white blood cells to help fight off the bad things to keep us staying alive longer and healthier.

Think about it, if everything evolves then its possible that so too did our Blood Cells.

Our bodies has always strive to adapted to its surroundings and so too did everything else around us. since we do not have medical records to prove it, its possible that our bodies created White Blood Cells to help us adapt to the toxic waste and illnesses we are constantly putting out into the world.

Can this be the reason why, the more White Blood Cells one has, means the stronger ones body is fighting against something bad and the closer one is to death.

So what if we wanted to cure all sickness, then can we use the body and its cells to point us to the rite direction? The human body might be the answer not only to save ourselves but the entire planet also. The better we eat the healthier our cells will be. The cleaner the earth…. Then so to will our bodies be cleaner… This means our white blood cells will soon go away completely after several generations.

Maybe the less white blood cells we have as a whole unit can foretell the healthiness of the environment. Which makes sense because at this moment our white blood counts as individuals are really high. We have alot more sickness, waste and bacteria in our drinking supplies and air supplies and food supplies than before.

So to know if we are properly cleaning and fixing the earth up, we can judge by our bodies white Blood count level as a whole unit decreasing. This can only be fixed in the long term since it is impossible to do it in the short term being as to how unhealthy the earth is at the moment. We have to reset our DNA. Which means we are closer to the day or destroying the planet than we are to the day of fixing it.


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