Has Slavery Really Ended Or Is It Worst Than Some Are Lead To Believe? The Hard Truth!

Sadly slavery is still alive and kicking but much harder than before in certain areas. If one was to think too themselves…. What is my purpose in life? I would say ones purpose in life is to do whatever makes you happy. But how is this possible when everything requires money?

This is when we go deeper into the highest slavery of all times….. OUR MINDS! We are taught that everything requires money. Money to go to school, money for a house, money for land, money for water, money for food, money to be happy etc.

Why should one have to work so hard in life just to end up suffering by it? What happened to us being happy?! Living our lives to the fullest. Yes education is VERY important but why should we pay for land or food when it was given to us for free?!

Our jobs is to maintain the earth so that we can enjoy more time doing the things we love. But yet we spend our whole lives working for the government or like I call it…. the DEVIL.

The devil is everywhere, he is in the people we are around everyday and even in the people that we love and serve so dearly. This is why we are suffering so much by life! Causing stress, mental illnesses, unhappiness etc. We were not intended to live this way, we are supposed to be claiming our own land without having to pay for it. We should be able to walk outside and cut down tree’s to build our own houses, under the condition that we give back more or equally to the earth for what we have taken.

We should only pay for the extra tools needed or to repay the people that helped in building our houses. We should be growing our own foods and only have to pay if we buy it from another. Instead happiness and success was slowly stripped away from us. The government is limiting us by making rules we SOoo call have to follow.

We have to buy land, we cannot just cut down trees and start building. But yet we wonder why so many people are homeless, when we do not have to live like this. We have to pay for food and if one wanted to grow their own foods, we would have to buy land inorder to achieve this. But yet we wonder why so many go hungry and die from starvation. We even have to pay to go into the water at certain beaches of the world. How stupid does that sound when water was giving to us for free?! Water can fall out of the skies at any given moment but yet to some it makes perfect sense to charge for it.

The government is putting down certain rules inorder to limit our chances of success and happiness. Too make us suffer and bitter on the insides out. We are exactly where they want us to be. Struggling on a daily just to be happy. We work 5 days a week but only have 2 days to ourselves and family.

If in fact the government did have our best interest then wouldn’t it be the other way around? We are working without being chained down or followed by a gun, so many assume SLAVERY isn’t a big deal in modern times. Its not just the black community anymore but the nation. How did we end up in a boat following and doing everything that the government says? Our last and most important battle in life is for our MINDS & HAPPINESS. Yes, this means that we are currently going through our last battle.

This is why many feel or know that this world is coming to an end fastly. Be aware and know that our last battle is now, how long do we have to fight it…. I wish I knew! But what I do know is that the devil is not going to win. The world is not going to end as long as good still exist. Even if 99% of the world is evil the 1% of the world that is good will still triumph. This is why the devil has tried so hard to bring us too our destruction but has always failed.

Good vibrations are higher than bad vibrations so it is impossible for him to win his fight, even if its just one person fighting back. This is why we are still here, this is why the devil is attacking the only last hope he has to taking over the world. With our minds we can do anything we wish. We can travel to the spiritual world and use hidden knowledge that the devil is hiding from us. We can obtain peace, love, strength etc. using our minds! In our world many people have lost their minds to suffering, stress, mental disorders, drugs, disease etc because of the lack of not having someone or wanting something.

Being unhappy or going through life is harder for some than others, many people do not know how to control their minds, which leads them into doing evil things such as crimes and being mean to others. This is why we have to pay attention to what is really going on in the world and in or around us. We have to become aware of what is really going on and spread the word to those who do not know or understand as easily to what is actually going on. The final battel is NOW and it is SERIOUS! We have a chance to go back to how we are truly intended to live…. free and happy. To speed up our last battle one should and can spread the word of awareness to all his fellow beings.


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