What Does Wisdom Have To Do With Suffering?

We suffer and feel pain because of our lack of knowledge and wisdom. Once we learn how pain and suffering is caused, one can then master the arts of stopping it.

This also helps too protect our karma by limiting the negative holds others may have on us, ultimately making our karma more good than bad. We are not meant to suffer by life but in fact enjoy it.

Once we start too indulge in sin, we can then notice that our doors too life are now not only open to the creator of the world but also to the devil himself. We then start feeling negative emotions more constantly, to the point we start believing that we are being followed by bad luck and or even cursed.

Too stop suffering or pain we have to stop thinking negativity, stop eating negativity, stop listening to negativity, stop speaking negativity, stop being around negative people and last but not least stop doing negativity. Because of our sins we are condemned to feel the emotion of the devil.

We get from life, what we chose to put into it. To want better, once has to do better. To stop all negative karmitic actions, one can then further ignore all things that can make one act out of character. Finding healthier ways to our problems where the soul would not have to keep paying for every wrong move the body makes.

The body has to find a way to not get caught off guard so that all the effort one puts in himself throughout his life will not fade away in second due to lack of control. We have to realize when our energies and vibrations are low and quickly do what is necessary to raise is back up by doing things to make you happy.

Good is high, bad is low….. To want better we have to keep doing better. We have to stop feeling sufferings and stop causing suffering to others.

We have to bring peace to eachother, while still remaining ourselves. We have to make sure that we do not influence other’s to any wrong doings and thinking’s. Finding the right balance in spreading light and love but also not being able to be caught off guard to Ill doer’s and Ill thinker’s.


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