The Journey Has Begun! Thank You For Choosing Too Walk The Road Of Awareness With Me. Hope You Enjoy Stepping Into My Mind And My World. I Regularly Find Shelter In My Mind During Times Of Despair And Curiosity, Which Then Leads Too Me Questioning Life And Its Motives. Leading Me To Come Up With Questions And Me Finding My Own Answers From Within My Mind Which Is Then Turned Into A Journey That You Are Also Apart Of. Welcome And Do Enjoy!

I believe that in life you have to do things that you do not want to do, to go places you want to be. I believe that if you do something wrong but it benefits to the greater good of all, then it really isn’t a wrong.

When God sent the great big flood to wash away the earth, he did it in the hopes of saving the world from being destroyed by evil. Yes many animals and humans lost their lives but it was for the greater benefit of all. Does this make God Evil?… No!

So what is my opinion on sin if my answer is no? My opinion on sin is that, if someone causes harm and sadness to another unnecessarily, with the act not benefiting those of the greater good, then that is sin. If one commits and act that is not of his own but the act of someone pushing him in the wrong direction, speaking in his ear and toying with his head, then that is sin.

Please note that throughout my blog you may find some things that may seem questionable or sinful to you but too many others and or myself if used in the right manner it is not a sin or wrong doings at all. It is always good to be open minded to a world you are not familiar with, until you too may have a different perspective in life.

© The Awakening State April 3rd 2019.

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