Where Is The Key To Winning Our World Back? Saving The World.

The key to winning our world back is inside all of us. Our Souls! Our soul’s is the ONLY key in winning our world back from evil. If everyone sell’s their soul’s but one person, the devil still has a high chance in losing his battle. This is why the devil has yet to rule the world. With our soul’s we can create many wonderful things into existence. We may not know how yet but the devil does because he has had access to information that we have not yet been exposed too.

This is why our soul’s are so important to him! He is afraid that one day we will master our soul’s and mind’s into a new reality where he does not exist. The devil does not want to be locked up for his sins but too be freely rooming the earth amounts us.

This is why he tries so hard to keep us from the truths of life. Our soul’s can travel to a hidden world inside of us, where we can receive lost information that are forbidden to him. This place inside of us is full of everything great, from emotions to pleasures, the devil is simply scared to enter because of all its goodness.

This place is inside all of us good or bad, we just have to believe and work towards accessing it. One simply cannot enter and one cannot be filled with bad energy. One’s good will has to be overpowering ones bad will and one has to first fight really hard against negative forces before gaining access.


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