Is Religion Man Made? Has Man Twisted The Ways Of Religion?

Yes, the ways of religion was not intended to turn out the way it is in current times. Religion was created to give thanks too the many God’s that assist us and to claim the good side.

Religion was taken out of context by man himself, from closing their doors to certain people, to people giving tides with love just for some pastors to pocket it for themselves. Over the many decades people with evil intent and minds has removed many scriptures and changed up many words of the Bible to confuse its readers. To change the real meanings of if not all, certain texts.

Even hate has crept its way into the church! One cannot claim Holiness if one passes judgement too his fellow beings. Whether because of gender or profession the church should not be the one closing their doors to any man but the man that is full of ill will towards himself and his fellow beings.

Some religious they rape their females and most treat them. Some religions has the concept that their ways and only their ways are the rite ways. They believe in no other way. They then turn to bring judgemental to other groups of religions and people. Some keep everything only amounts their kind leaving out the outside world. Some stick to there kind only, not allowing outsiders into their Religion.

With so many years of history, it is fair to say that no one person or group has all the answers. Some may be wrong and some may be rite but no one person is always rite. With years past so do history, questions and answers.

When everyone tells their truths, we then become more initiative and smart as a whole growing into wisdom and more answered questions over unanswered questions.

It is important that we respect one another and admit to our wrongs. If you cannot admit to your wrongs then do not point out other’s wrong doings. One has to make sure one is rite before pointing out someone else’s mistakes. If one jumps steps then more than likely the end result would be the other person being in the rite and one in the wrong.

When one is too busy seeing everyone else mistakes, one do not see their own mistakes making ones reality different than the present time. Leaving out important details to better evaluate a situation and or religion leaving most of its followers confused.


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