Why Does The Devil Seem More Powerful Than God To Some People?

The devil seems powerful because we give him something that is valuable (our soul’s) for a temporary lifestyle of luxury, fame or riches. First one would have to subject their soul into being the slave of the devil for after his/her death.

After we give him our soul’s by sin or contract we are giving him territory too our world inside and outside of us. He can now come and go whenever he wants and take whatever he so chooses from our lives. We then go through life having more sad moments than happy moments.

When our vibrations are low we start to attract more bad or low things into our lives. We then find it hard to believe in a higher power or in changing ones will to not give into temptations. We tend to have a hard time raising our vibrations to where we can better attract positive and good things.

It is hard to do rite at times but the longer we keep our vibrations up without lowering it, the more faster or the more likely one can start to see their luck in life changing. From sadness and blockage; to free, happy and prosperous. With our soul’s we can create the luxury we want and also be the masters of it.

The more followers the devil gets the stronger he will become by illusion. He may be strong by material but he is not strong by spirit like our creator. Without us the devil would have no-one and we would no longer suffer by life or from another.


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