If God Is God, Are We Too God’s?

The meaning of God is someone who is good in a strong way both in the body, spirit and mind. If we were in fact made in the image of our Maker, then we to are Makers.

In our modern world we have breathe life into so many things, giving it a place in our history and amongst us. This rite here shows that we have always been doing what is of our true nature…… To create and bring life to things that are lifeless and meaninglessness. Creation is not just reserved to any one person…. it is for everyone. We are all creators of our different realities and world’s.

Hence the reason why we have multiple God’s throughout history. So why do we not have supernatural powers or do things God’s can do? I strongly believe that this is one of the key secrets that the devil does not want us to find out. It is up too us to fight for our lost knowledge.

We can do this by using our soul’s to enter into the sacred world that is inside all of us to receive outside help and knowledge. The strategy is in beating the devil at his own game. By going somewhere the devil cannot enter, too receive hidden knowledge would put him at a disadvantage.

There are information in these worlds within us that the devil does not yet have. The devil would be at a disadvantage only when we are not on his turf. The piece of our minds that is lost has to be restored.

Only then can we achieve enlightenment and remember what we really are by nature. By doing this we would start too slowly unlock our Godly powers and secrets.


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